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Meet Allie, one of Nori’s first customers

My name is Allie Schlosser. I’m 23 and I live in Denver Colorado. Over the past few years, really my entire life, I’ve been pretty aware of my carbon footprint. It’s been a really important value that my family carries. As soon as I realized that I could participate in sequestering carbon from the environment, I was definitely super excited. Nori has helped me reduce my carbon footprint. I can just go one to their website and put in all the metrics about my life through a (linked) carbon calculator. So I basically put in where I live, the things that I do, the type of car that I drive, and how many flights I take, and all that good stuff. It really helps me calculate how much carbon my daily life is emitting. That’s super helpful for me. And then, they make it super easy to go from that calculator to purchasing your carbon back by incentivizing farmers to sequester carbon through new practices. You can do it in lots of different ways! You can do the past year, the past month, 6 months, so I’m really excited that I can go back regularly to incentivize farmers to sequester the carbon that I’m emitting in my life. Everyone should get involved with Nori, because even if you tried to live a really an intentional lifestyle where you try to have a net-zero carbon footprint, it’s impossible in the system that we live in. You can reduce as much as possible, you’ll still be emitting carbon, just by living your daily life intentionally. And even if we could get to net-zero, there’s so much more carbon that needs to be captured. So people should get involved with Nori because it’s a super-easy way to not only get to your net-zero, but then also to make up for all the carbon in your past, and carbon that other people are not going to pay to sequester. Yay, Nori!

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