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Meet Crop Mob Athens

Whoever is looking for some outdoor time
might be interested in spending some time at a good old barn raising. It might not be an actual barn raising every time, but crop mob Athens meets regularly to
help out local farmers when there are certain tasks that just work better with plenty of help. Crop mob Athen’s aim is to make sure volunteers from around the Athens area come together to help local farmers complete those tasks that make such a difference when the community steps in. This definitely takes a community as just like a farmer takes a community to create something like this to gather people and make it happen for farmers. Just like the legendary barn raisings as in stories of yore, modern farmers and volunteers from the
public at large are coming together to bring back some of that old-time tradition of cooperative society and to have some fun in the process. I am the founder and executive director of P.L.A.C.E. which is Promoting Local Agriculture and Cultural Experiences. Our mission is to help build a strong accessible local food culture in Athens, Georgia. Crop mob is an idea that started in North Carolina in 2008, sort of following along the long tradition of barn raisings that with many hands the load becomes very light. Boomers with knowledge of hands-on
sustainable farming practices are especially valuable so that they can
pass on that knowledge to new farmers. For me that’s really what motivated me
about crop mob is connecting people to the right way to raise their food. We try to have a crop mob every month. We invite people just to come out to help out a
farmer to get some sort of on the farm experience. It would be really nice to
actually have someone with some background knowledge of a farm maybe
they grew up on a farm or maybe that’s something that they’re just
interested in. Doing their service in the community in
that way. And if you’ve never farmed I mean it’s a perfect time to learn. I mean we’ve gotten to look at all the different aspects of this farm like
beekeeping, hogs, chickens, turkeys, even if you can’t help with that you can still weed and just be an inspiration. All ages are welcome out to the farm anytime they have a crop mob, and the more people the merrier and the quicker the work goes by. And of course it never hurts to be treated to a delicious home-cooked meal on the farm as your reward at the end of the day of good hard work with friendly people. If you are interested in joining the crop mob experience, visit them online and keep up with the latest mobs.

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