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Meet Our People – Lauren, Environmental Scientist III with Department of Agriculture

Hi my name is Lauren and I’m an
Environmental Scientist III for the Delaware Department of Agriculture Nutrient Management
Program. For the Environmental Scientist III position it requires a bachelor’s degree
in an agriculture or science-related field such as biology or something like that. What really interested me about becoming an
environmental scientist with the State Department of Agriculture was the
regulations imposed on the nutrient management field and how they affected
the animal agricultural industries because that’s where I was prior to
coming to the State. A typical day being an Environmental Scientist for the
Department of Agriculture would entail fieldwork and office work. So being in
the field we meet with farmers. We review paperwork. Inspect nutrient management
plans. Walk around the farm and look for environmental concerns and address those
with the farmers and let them know how to correct it and stay in compliance if they need to.
We also have days in the office when we are on conference calls are meeting with upper
management or other employees that do the same thing and just talking about issues
related to nutrient management and how regulations are affecting our client
with being the farmers in the animal agriculture industry. What I enjoy most about my job is the
interaction I have with the farming community and the animal agriculture
producers. I grew up on a farm and I really resonate with those people and I really want to
help serve them and provide our services to them and really let them know what
they’re required to do and what they’re not supposed to be doing so they’re clear on what they’re required to do so they stay in compliance with the law and I
really like to help them understand those requirements so that they feel
comfortable with the law and regulations.

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