Meguiar's Ceramic Wax VS DPC Armor VS Mothers CMX!!! PART 1


  1. Davy Pig

    Use the Meguiars on a clean dry vehicle but only one section at a time so it wipes in easily. I think they say to use on a clean wet vehicle so it’s easier to buff in and remove. I didn’t try the other products. Cool video

  2. Randy B

    I personally use Megs and apply it after I use a synthetic clay disc. Best results are achieved by spraying a small amount on a DAMP microfiber applicator. Buff with microfiber cloth. Enjoy the crazy shine and beading!

  3. MrPl0xygen

    I use DPC as a base layer and then top it with Meg's HCW and let me tell you, DPC bags on Meg's HCW.. but I found for my self atleast… they combine very well and it seems that Meg's HCW boosts DPC armor…

  4. Gregory Veizades

    Only thing I'll say is after watching Obsessed Garaged 40 minutes video about Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic wax, you used way to much. One spritz from 12" away is enough for a small door.

  5. Gerry Quinn

    That bonnet/ hood looked ok to me before you started messing about with it. This is a car f.f.s. not a work of art…get a life.

  6. sx_1001

    You should do a test like this with carpro reload vs these or mothers and meguiars and see how much thickness it adds etc. It would be interesting to see what reload does over those marker marks etc.

  7. Loops And Threads

    I noticed the correct application at 4:34. Not your fault you camera man almost missed it. Dont worry.. I am not your usual Megs marketer team.

  8. Lien Trinh

    Question for you Brian did those 3 products can we apply all over the vehicles, as I know we can spray meguiar ceramic wax all over the car not just on paint

  9. Abel Celestin Jr

    Well said in your opening statement, mutual respect in the detailing world whether we are pros hobbyist , weekend warriors, or here to just learn, let’s take what we like no bashing, GREAT VIDEO COMPARISON TEST SERIES ON THESE NEW SPRAY PRODUCTS,thanks Brian well done.

  10. Greg M

    The amount of time and effort you put into these videos continuously amazes me. PS I don't think anyone could honestly accuse you of "Stacking the deck"

  11. Rdetailing

    You know your a Legend when you start reading all of our minds. Can't thank you enough for all you do for us brother. You killed it

  12. Lilrick96

    Apex…'s 2:22 in the damn..morning… Why…. Why must you bless us with this well requested video when we need valuable sleep?? Now I gotta watch the video 😂😂😭


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