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Message from CDFA Secretary Karen Ross about Wildfire Response

Our hearts go out to the Californians
who have been impacted by recent fire activity including this weekend’s
Kincaid fires and our thoughts are with all Californians who may yet be at risk
from wildfire it’s a sad reality that our changing climate is making these
kinds of circumstances more common every day but it is a fact and we’re here to
help all of you with recovery and response to the situations as they
unfold right now CDFA has been a part of activating a number of fairgrounds to
provide a safe evacuation shelter for people and for their animals we are also
coordinating our efforts with animal control officers to make sure that
animals are in the pathway of risk can be moved to a safe place and get the
medical attention that they need Governor Newsom’s office has released a
resource information website for you to go to for information about fires as
well as recovery information you can find that at response dot CDFA
plans to follow that up with our own recovery webpage for farmers and
ranchers to know of the programs and services that will be there to assist
them in the long days of recovering from fires when we have them under control
more information will be released about that in coming days but in the meantime
please be safe and know that all of us are here to support you and working
together we will respond to this situation and build resilience for a

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