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Mexico’s Indigenous farmers get their crops destroyed by corrupt politicians & Companies

They are always doing this,.. they don’t leave us alone.. Ever since the March 15 . . . . . . 2011 Ever since then, we have been suffering. If we plant a few crops… thats what they will do.. right now we are left with nothing. Right now we don’t have nothing of Provisions Beans. . . Cob (Corn ) My corn fields… look how they left my corn fields… It hurts me to see all.. ALL ..of my harvest Also my friends (Women & Men) We have planted & harvested, US! women We came HERE to plant because we don’t have nowhere else to plant.. to Live.. And here we are planting here aside the river We are not going were the majority harvest. We are growing crops here. But what do they do they do us harm, always. if we just plant a little bit, thats what they do to us. it gives me saddness, pain to see it all happen all of our friends have planted beans.. corn… and also ( ?ayote? ) there’s some ayotes that they are over there destroyed theres some more beans over there under dirt now They did’nt even give us time to pull some out could’nt even get some corn because it is buried in dirt where are we going to go, what are we going to eat.. what are we going to give to our children ? what are we going to give to our families ? we are left with nothing we are homeless now (Mexican phrase “Nos Quedamos en la Calle”) What can we do !? We can’t go out there and rob.. we can’t mug people We want to work ! We want to LIVE in peace when are they… i ask of you.. to DEMAND the government .. if they are going to give or not We can’t take it anymore Look now you all are noticing how we are We are suffering There is times we eat and times we don’t because we no longer have food If we plant .. this is what they do Every time we plant this is what they do to us Look.. look at my corn fields ! Look very beautiful my corn fields And this is what we eat And this is OUR OWN harvest This really hurts me deeply And now all the children are suffering… ALL of us are suffering becaus eof this what they are doing to us The Companies We can’t eat “cane” We can’t eat what they have grown All of the Canes (Sugar) they have planted..We can’t eat that. What we CAN eat is the corn… the Beans Everything we had grown. Look at the bananas… its under the dirt now Does that not give us pain ?? Why does’nt the government here all of this suffering that is happening here The Government They say they have given us the lands.. but if they would have given us the lands this would’nt be happening to us Please, YOU GUYS, Demand the government … demand them for everything I want JUSTICE We need this government to hear us out on this!! I am a farming woman I look to see how I can grow my Corn I look to see how to buy rice to plant it I look for water &… I look for my wood.. and then i sell some of my wood.. and thats how I get my rice and harvest again But its alright (sarcasm) Here they are look They don’t get pain of they they are doing and don’t even say thank you Like if they don’t eat the food we are planting They sometimes even steal our crops They take the crops to their houses And everything that we also We are left with nothing There is the machinery, you all are noticing it is here (sarcasm) But its okay the government is doing that But the government doesnt saying that ? (Sorry Gibberish) They are helping the the company.. they are giving them everything even the bank is loaning them So they can hurt us Look at those workers, they don’t even think about it.. They don’t care that this is harming us They are not the ones who will be thinking of surviving this year.. thinking they will die this happens.. they will leave us like if nothing happened they left us in the streets Now what are we going to eat where can we go now ? what are we going to eat today? tomorrow ? what about next month We can’t be waiting look at this in one month this field right here will have corn This is what we will eat in a month But look how everything is.. everything is destroyed its all under dirt The beans How many beans were lost because all of us had beans about 5 or more Blocks of harvest destroyed for EACH farmer.. (Captions by King Dragon Kraken)


  1. Joli Lucas Author

    indignante el govierno ofrece ayuda a los invasores de la caravana y esta gente en el olvido.. , 4,000 de la caravana han pazado dice el lider este dinero que se gasta enesta gente enlugar de ayudar a esta personas

  2. anonymous 101 Author

    stupid ignorant corrupted politicians because they're mixed blood think they're better than the indigenous people of Mexico ethnic cleansing of your own people so sad indeed

  3. Trudi Fruty Author

    The only thing that is green is what is behind her, the rest of the field is dry an dead. We're did she get that mic at, this seems fake to me. Need more information on this to believe her.

  4. Anon Z Author

    This does look very staged especially with the folks standing behind her looking sad, and the one legged man limping into the shot. Have these people farmed this land for a long time? Or is this slash/burn farming that is tearing out the forest?

  5. Rock Girl Author

    Thanks King. This is an important issue that doesn’t get reported. This is very sad. The indigenous people have survived forever in these lands, and they are now pushed to the brink of destruction. I’ve seen the same destruction in South America by the corporates clear cutting and destroying everything that was there. The people, have to band together to stop this. There is enough money from the government/corporations contracts to ensure that families and their livelihoods are secure. Someone has probably mentioned already….that these people in all likelihood have less atm than the migrants 😳

  6. Samuel Author

    Dumbass mexican politicians are helping the UN to force America to cancel NAFTA because human rights violations. Two birds with one stone with the help of greedy politicians.

  7. GetReady4LiftOff Author

    We plant just a little corn,beans & a caterpillar comes and plows it all under. We are homeless. have nothing to feed my family. What are we going to do. We do not want to rob people we want to work. Please help us. There are times we eat and times we don't eat. This is what they do to us. Look how beautiful the corn is. We harvested this ourselves. I am so sad the children are suffering we are suffering because of what they do to us. I am deeply hurt. Everything we plant the beautiful bananas are under the dirt. We can't eat cane sugar. The government says they have given us this land but look what they do to us please contact the government help us. I get seeds to buy by finding wood and selling it. Sometimes they take the crops home with them and we have nothing. They will leave us in the streets what are we going to eat what are we going to do.

  8. Rachel Fox Author

    I'd rather give all them Asylum and let them work on the farms in America then the f**** Caravan ask ungrateful people. At least these people would be grateful and they need help they're being attacked and they're what way of being is being attacked they need help this is what we need to help as America

  9. Rachel Fox Author

    They're probably trying to get rid of them because they want to put the new airport there and it's sad they didn't even pay these people to move them they're just going to mess up and kill all their Farm kill all their crops and kill other people it's b***** help these people

  10. DeepOff Author

    Wow! Something must be done from our side of the border. I ask that everyone keep sharing this. Im not hispanic but it dont take one to understand that this is WRONG. We are all still human and can still extend help to them.

  11. Michelle Sands Author

    We need to get all the starter plants like tomato,beans ,bananas,watermelon,pepper,anything they want,plus a stove and fridge,then send that,
    That WAY the corrupt
    Fuckers can't steal it from them,+send a monitoring systems,
    So we could look after them,or the WORLD could go mad over the demons harassing these indigenous people,they're the original Mexican!!!

  12. NanoNano 64 Author

    Agenda 21…30😎… This lady needs to say thank you to all the environmentalist and all the sustainable living bullcrap🐂💩 oh yeah and let's not forget the scientists👺👹 with their climate change studies😵😱….😝😜😛😆😄😉

  13. Scheryl Crouch Author

    Why would anyone do this to these people just trying to live, so wrong, really wrong. I feel sorry these people are being treated this way…

  14. King DragonKraken Author

    Rebecca Sowell … so you think this is fake… you think these people are standing near machinery, destroying crops, crying and having basically they're family right there for the "fake news" and trying to get a BUCK OUT OF YOU? .. good thing im my own channel… your fucking stupid.. people like you make me sick so much fucking paranoia and inhumane thoughts.. you think you are righteous… or atleast minimal "GOOD" .. yet you comment here on alot of peoples comments this is fake… man.. i hope you change.. if not.. your a dead man/woman to me. your inhumane.

  15. Robin Rosenthal Author

    If the GOVT gave them the land (free and clear) and they are taking care of themselves then what's the problem!? GOVT. must have thought this was useless land or not worth developing or they wouldn't have given it to them. These people turned it into something productive! It's not like they are asking for ANYTHING….just a way to feed their families. Curious to know is maybe the GOVT. found minerals or oil and NOW want the land back? Follow the $.

  16. Wacchia S Author

    I am a Native American aka 'indigenous person' and also a farmer and gardener. Most of those people are wearing too nice of clothes to be out there gardening. I wear old clothes to work in. Why do they keep planting the same section of land if this has been happening for 7 years? Maybe she is 'confused' as to where her property is. Most of our people here in the States live on reservations or at least built structures if we have no housing. Thankfully I have a home and land. It may be small and humble but we are hard workers and ask nobody for help. Most of our people (indigenous) work doing anything we can because most jobs are given to people not from here. I have done house cleaning, pet grooming, other people's gardens, washed there cars and my husband has dug ditches, repaired roofs, and the list goes on and on. I understand all too well about hunger, homelessness and no work. We lived hand to mouth for generations. People there in Mexico need to stand up and drive the evil politicians and cartel out. I thank God I am an Honorable and God Fearing Woman Everyday. We will pray for them and for Mexico.

  17. Tammy Troike Author

    King DragonKraken I watch a lot of your videos and know that you post the truth good or bad. I am just becoming informed of this situation. Who is the man in the Bulldozer? Why are they doing this and who owns the land they plant on?

  18. Ambra Carr Author

    Weird, I don't speak Spanish but its almost as if understood that woman speaking. At any point did she ask "What about us? Who's gonna help up? How will we feed our children does anyone care? " This is very sad. It will be interesting what the new President will do about this situation. Someone should start a go fund me for that family. A family thats way of life has been stripped from them yet I don't see them fleeing to our border to claim asylum!!!

  19. Claire Gibbons Author

    I don't understand a word this woman is saying and wouldn't know what was going on if not for the comment section. One thing is clear to me…this woman's tears and emotions are real. There are many victims here…this group is one. They're so defenseless and working hard here to feed their families. This is truly heartbreaking!

  20. sybdragon Author

    Maybe it's just me. I did not see that woman or anyone in the video asking anyone in the USA for any money, help or anything. What I saw was a woman that obviously planted a field of crops along with a bunch of other people down on, she stated, a riverbank area. There is not much information on who is destroying the crops. But either way, if the land was lying there fallow and they planted it, the owner of said land needs to give permission even if it's not spoken or written down. So who owns the land?
    As a fellow human being, I do not see the harm in letting them plant a rotating crop. Corn and beans are one season plants. Harvest them and they die. If no one is using that land, what is the harm in letting them plant something on it. They are obviously not using machinery on it. If they are poor, they don't have a tractor do they? Who buys a tractor that is homeless? As far as her saying they are homeless, they might have been camping out down there with their crops. A shanty town would have been removed by the property owners.
    So there is a whole lot missing in this video to me. It needs some back story on if this is a normal thing in Mexico and not just some squatters. It's a sad story.
    But I do not see anyone asking for any money from anyone in the USA. Where did anyone get that from? Seeds cost money. Send her some seeds and she would be very happy I would bet. She talked about having to earn money for rice seeds. She did not seem like she wanted to move to the USA. She wants justice from Mexico. Not the USA. Not everything revolves around the USA. LOL I'm USA BTW. 🙂

  21. Cregg Lund Author

    I'm a bit confused. Somebody hired heavy equipment to destroy a bean field? Is this a real life "Malagro Bean Field War"? What is the back story here? Are they on private land or something?

  22. tgb869 Author

    Are they just gonna stand there watching the crane destroying their crops?
    Sadly, these kinds of things are soooo under the radar. People don't give a sh*t because its not mainstream enough.

  23. Judith Doolittle Author

    Is there that can translate for us. Sounds like she may have something very important to say. May God be with you distraught lady. My heart goes out to you and your family.

  24. Lin Ro Author

    hondura, mexico que ciudad, pueblo o villa?
    sud america?
    todos hablan igual y de dialecto y viviendo igual.
    gente quiere ir ayudar.
    tira especificamente donde.


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