1. Mike Donovan

    Friedman fails to point out that support raises farmland prices, so established operators can mostly out-bid outsider who want to have a go at the job. Support leads to less innovation – see the slow progress of no-tillage systems in some parts of the USA and europe and compare these with S America. As Practical Farm Ideas says, this support advantages nobody. It costs the taxpayer dear and takes tax money which could go on social, education and health issues; it inflates farm inputs, including fertiliser and machinery. It fails to address the real issues of farming which included degraded land, chemical and sewage run-off. And small farms actually produce more food per acre than do large ranches. All this for the dwindling farm vote, not just in America but across the western world that's propped up by politicians too afraid to ask why. Farmers might need help, but it is with educational initiatives like mine, not a boot full of cash. The NZers have seen and experienced the benefits.

  2. Broteese

    My country, Norway, is huge on governmental subsidies. Especially in agriculture, as the farmers are not even close to make a profit without it. Norway is long stretched, with little fertile land, because of all the mountains. And is scarcily populated as well. I believe the sentiment behind our subsidiary of agriculture, is to be less dependent on food import. If it works as inteded, though.. That is another question. Great video.

  3. Painter Mike

    Government safety nets like this only incentive farmers to produce more regardless of demand. This not only creates mountains of waste food and more "pollution" intonthe environment, but it also creates large scale farms that are not inherently humane to the animals of agriculture. Tell that to a vegan and record.

  4. Tav Nic

    My boss is a 70 year old that worked for the Trudeau govment that brought about the subsidy on diary. We agruge every time it comes up but God bless leftist that can handle a argument.

  5. Ocean Mariner

    Farm subsidies have killed most of the single family farms. I had a dairy in Tillamook in the 1980s. I milked an average of about 75 cows. That size dairy is about gone now. As the film says, without an upper limit on subsidies investors have built 10,000 cow, or larger dairies. The cows aren't treated as well, they don't live as long, and they have less freedom. Some never see the outside. The cows are just a piece of equipment, if their milk volume goes down they go to the slaughter house. When I drive around dairy areas in the PNW, it's now rare to see milking cows. The same is true of grain or any other subsidized product. When you subsidize something, you get more of it.

  6. Cindy Reynolds

    Trump and all the nationalists populists need to listen to Milton Friedman on this tariff issue! Mark levin said this same thing on his show one night that although other countries impose tariffs on our products, two wrongs don't make a right. America still should not impose tariffs it WILL hurt a lot of industries!!!!

  7. Tpz Elf

    Government subsidies of agriculture are a major factor in the obesity epidemic. If we weren't over-producing corn, for example, our food wouldn't be packed with fattening, diabetes-inducing corn syrup. Big government is literally killing us.

  8. Eli Jackson

    These two ladies certainly were more ladylike than anything you'd find these days – No talking over, polite, not so much emotionalism, they have their reservations obviously but were entirely respectful and respectable.

  9. armyjeep4

    Local farmer here got 1.5 Million$ in 2001 from the govt for NOT planting crops,WTF!,I dont get paid not to work..They call is "Set aside money"..And they have the balls to bitch about people that get hand outs,when they are the biggest welfare recipients of all


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