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MIST Survival – New Survival game – (Build Craft Zombies Cars)

hey guys welcome to mist survival no
this is a new game to steam it’s only been a few days and it’s kinda went
under the radar no as an offline survival game which does have zombies no
you basically you’ve been run site from a village and you’re no trying to
basically survive yourself no there’s a lot of building craft unless this
electricity as well you can see all the different things that are in here the
awful craft different weapons etc you have to face off as well no this is for
your inventory we’re gonna take everything from here because I’ve
actually started playing this but the CFL what crops you don’t update so I
couldn’t really steer around and the last one I had to restart no I’m gonna
quit look around I’ll show you the basics you can drive vehicles and s as
well no it uses health hunger foster fatigue Stan a map and cold so as be a
point survival and they’re zombies a lot of but they’re in places that you are
trying to explore no it’s a tones down the aisle into yet won’t you whatever
look at but there’s a beast up there that I can use I won’t get to so I got
to yesterday so we’re you back up there so we’re just get quite as much as we
can from here and make your way up and get it all set up before recite
exploring a bit more no just good grab as much as I can roll here so we don’t
have to come back in the car spark plugs excellent there’s a car also along the
road that we can try it affects up that is the end goal for the first couple
episodes I’m trying a car that Silly Walks no stannum ax if you’re going to
go merely attacking it you need to make sure that you have it quite high all
right boys Oh quite quick ecards to swing an axe lots of interest and we’re
doing it there’s a beer up there shit and let’s cut down here
fostering a beer I don’t like you and in the update but there is a beer there so
we will just say sweet that your boats business no this is done an Unreal
Engine so graphics are I’m most likely going to be fantastic for oh I’m because
it’s awful a you won’t get a lot of stuff and probably it’s only you that’s
on you laughter whatever anything else read about you it’s just whatever you’re
doing no can’t drink that shot of Bart now so
there’s a motel here we will train that fast before with a lot of town there’s
some stuff in here but there’s some zombies and there’s whale so nice to be
careful me oh they don’t know you can see the cars that you can drive I’ve got
the little players emblem of them so that’s in notes of Carly can use now the
car really flex up is one up here cuz the house we’re gonna take over and
fortify is this one this is as far as I got yesterday but if all fail win but
the dev has pushed it updates in it so what our fingers curled in red up and
they fixed it though so what we’ll do is if not at all nope splat clock then I’ll
put the tire on so I’ll just get this built up as quick as we can but there’s
a Belden that looks like a Gary’s you follow down this road so we’ll try that
fast but first of all we’ll get this up his base a lot water tank there’s what
else you can fill up no assume fill cooking so all you have to do as this II
set as beasts simple as that nice and easy
so we will store our stuff in here we need our axe right when you put all this
in here axe gonna go hot but only one failure at Sears you can’t you just
scroll wheel to go through your like taskbar at the bottom which is slightly
annoying but no it’s quality a faintly we’ll bring an in change ho theos
because I eat pressing numbers drives me mad
no great let’s go check this place till here now you can chop trees as well
throw resources I haven’t seen any stones you can act yet
so easily use as well I’ll be down here yes that’s not 100% sure where it’s just
looks like you drive that tractor that would be pretty cool if you driver try
to another like no you can anticlimax they will send here as a crafting
station here so what bench here right so we can meet bit of things here so that’s
actually quite good it’s close by so we can use us more like trust if a lot
anyway and right what’s in here that awfully will fade a gun quite quick an
engine excellent so you stick that in the car so you
could see as well yeah all you know is a gun hopefully will be like easy way out
use a gun right there and a hammer a something right so just in case does
that fried up it’s not tough tire as well
I know axe right so that’s King Harry electricity you can’t take her over hmm
shit the rest of the buildings only two rows by the way you like done
too rosy a lot really take a less rags rags what’s up and these nope
effort on the part nope right – engine nope this one spot plugs
already got them to believe heavy snow OK ROCK it’s what stone yeah I’ve seen
though here’s a crash car some cars I really see anything else right let’s
head back up here a lot tire ice with free tires and talk no fair that cut
back up damn in fact you probably do eating actually or drinking yeah drink
some stuff donors I am so if you get injured than this as well you have to
use antibiotics of stuff if you get cuts it’s quite good head of done it and so
you can’t just kill yourself you have to let it actually heal her time so it’s a
very interesting but with different mechanic from the usual survival game
that pops up in steam in a minute there’s a lot of thought to it so we
have to be careful if we get attacked so let’s back an engine and put now so you
need to find a battery and a few right okay that’s percentage I dunno so we’re
pretty much there a car ready right ash a car like but it’s been a minute drop
some more stuff off and here can I make a little storage actually I
could do and make you more storage let me just see what I need for storage so
beautiful a sha storage so enough enough don’t have any weed in here no I don’t
shit yeah I’ll keep that can just in case no drink
the hard one here the train fortify this base as well so I think you get attacked
by their zombies your base well I’m going to play sure I will take the risk
so we were trying it as much as we can okay so let’s head down to the motel and
it’s always in a room down here unless from the CFI that cropped it so we need
to be careful is it going going to see when you get injured actually stays
where I feel even if you jump from a height and sprained your ankle you have
to physically whip the wooden to get better or the bruising to all we know
only keep my stand up because and its users axe so I get round here I’ll take
my time alone but cause I just witness at square that in fact or so now there’s
a farm though no there’s roughly as well if you do my tail yeah pocket let’s do
hotel all right the fellas much stones kicking him already die you lose Arkansas years well I may
actually do a paramedic what season us as well if it’s any good
and scrap language definitely new films from the foster plate as well which is
good source run them as pawns I can hear I suppose and just glass bowl something
I can remember war but I do I’m not getting that in German because already
got an engine and a kiss here yep and let’s hit that it’s a hope there’s
not too much in this room I forget and because I’ll actually use quite a lot
shit right let’s eat this he’s trying a standing Andre up alright it’s Phil so
while you try to take these out shrilly fuck shit yeah it’s a really windy day
and right so I was trying to heal this this really gets tricky and bandage
printer their self they are free treat Oh God and it’s by severe wind either so
I think any touch to take somebody’s antibiotics as well just check what I’ve
got antibiotic treatment okay use it I can’t
unless had to put my hotbar a check no time for the put a microphone and
it is without a pea color right so we have got for free so far to use us
nope and bandage that’s healed there and I have no batteries left shit um right
it’s better up bandage let’s see what’s in here first
I was not punished yeah okay then right okay so bondage this bondage excellent
break hey just think a lot can you think a lot probably know about Iraq’s
everything else so pray for effort No wishful thinking I wish for thinking I
think I was gone so long I’ve done they were definitely dropping some flour helps it’s just please summer help up
that no it’s not there to help up at all we will drink that as well we’re just
training about to base shit it’s that mess that means there’s more zombies of a ship lost rating it back there’s one now that’s one headshot kill
for them they drop fucking potato let’s about you come on nearly back they can see how long it
takes to heal which a person find is quite good I’ve done it so it’s not just
a case of finding a job in you’re fine again it can’t be too realistic in a
survival game but you can try and make it difficult
that’s what was definitely they’ve done her right back no can we craft another
these couples because put up all their shit see oh there is the fuck bullshit
so the yeah so they break hadn’t for the right hard Jesus how many Neil’s
that is not good it’s not good at all their first no our God and how long has
this thing last I’ve got nothing here at all either of
witless ox and I set an axe and a dream em fact I was smart sure I can move this
couple that front of the window I said this could be like a children IQ
moment they’re sure that will stop them
well look no sure you know this is low to windows he can get through they came
for the other ones take this one off as well right can I block the windows
really no way it’s gonna let me do this please no that’s not gonna work I don’t
know those are clearing the mess is gonna wait a mess it’s gone away yes God
well we survived the guys are gonna call the air for class episodes and I’m
definitely keep playing this because it’s actually quite good
check out and Steven the link is below and I will see it except so it will all
go to tone and there we go that farm as well just guys see you next one


  1. Darthudd Author

    Very raw. I like the healing system but there does not seem to be much else of interest for me apart from the setting. I'll wish list it and keep an eye on it for a bit, I'm kind off interested to see the direction they take with the game.

  2. GoOhmGaming Author

    Looks good man a couple of assets need changing I guess they are placeholder, ammo looks like PUBG and the water storage looks like its straight from Rust haha. With some updates this could definitely compete. Reminds me a lot of an on land version of Stranded deep with zombies haha

  3. SovereignMC Author

    Thanks for the video. I've been trying to just play for fun, not for my channel or anything, and I find the menus very confusing and couldn't really figure much out. This was helpful.

  4. Keiith Author

    Good gameplay twisted. The Devs seem commited to really getting this game running well. It is patched regularly and should improve in time. Unreal is such an awesome engine for this style of game. Makes 7dtd looked dated and tired


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