Mixed Media Techniques – With Textiles Artist Kim Thittichai – Colouricious


  1. Shikiraamzingly so

    100-million percent spot-on!!! – pushing the boundaries in creative projects – I have and still am terrified of doing that, yet if it wasn't for your amazing tutorials, would never ever feel at all confident to explore or challenge my own limitations. Love Colouricious! – inventive courage.

  2. cathy Trevaldwyn

    What an interesting film! My one complaint was wanting to say 'Can I have a closer look at that!) Really good presentation and being treated like an intelligent human being!!Liked the interview approach.

  3. twinstar9

    Yikes! Don't use discarded tyvek suits. They have hazardous waste on them which was why they were used in the first place and why they aren't reused or handled to clean. You may as well tell us to go medical waste dumpster diving for used needles!

  4. Tina Johnson

    Very knowledgeable interview that has been a joy to watch and learn from. You are inspiring us to try new techniques and be creative, I love that! I cannot wait to have some time to work up a new project

  5. debchelsea

    Hi really enjoyed this. What is the specialist foil classified as and where can you get it? I built my own house and am now regretting throwing all the tyvek on the skip!

    Many thanks

  6. Shoshi Platypus

    This is outstanding! Can't wait to try it. My hubby is getting me your "Hot Textiles" book for Christmas. Are the paints you use normal acrylics? Would pearlescent acrylic inks work? Thank you for sharing your amazing techniques!


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