1. Геннадий Терещенков

    На 6-ти сотках такие машины не нужны. Я на даче все делаю вручную.

  2. süleyman güneş

    Gökçen Eraslan bir şey değil mi bu kadar güzel bir çiftler onları bir gün uzun madu nasılsın nasılsın merhaba da

  3. Renny1953

    Why do they cut the flowers off the Tulips and literally let them drop to the ground? Can you not harvest flowers and I assume bulbs as well?

  4. Swind Pendulum

    Without political sides, Japan always developed the most sophisticated and efficient aqua/agricultural machines. However the US seems to have every technology for big/bigger machines. Germany are more orientated in the technical sector, which is pretty advanced.


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