Modern Integrated Agriculture in Coastal Kenyan Communities | Cinzia Torriani | [email protected]

past fifty-five years man has been able to wipe out more than 90% of top predator species in our oceans quite shocking huh you see what does this mean for our ecosystem you may be asking this means that man will start moving their way down the ecosystem to predominantly smaller fish down the food chain to predominantly smaller fish and this will just continue in a more and more vigorous and environmentally chaotic process you see the world is quite funny man's greed made us believe that we could take things and in some alternate universe we wouldn't have to pay the price but you see that is not the case because everything on this planet has a connection when one species falls so do all the rest a nature will always find a way to make its balance the world is quite funny you see as the most powerful species on the planet with the greatest intellectual capacity it's ironic that were the cause of our own problems but problems will arise and we cannot comfort ourselves with the famous French saying c'est la vie I grew up on a small island a small rural isolated island on the south coast of Kenya it's called Fonzie what does this mean you may be asking this means that practically as I grew up I got attached to two very close things in my life number one my community a number two my environment fuzzy is not a rare place on this planet it's a microcosm of the issues we see on a day-to-day basis a microcosm of the problems we face with our environment you can see them in all tropic regions across very many places in the world examples Mombasa Mozambique Zanzibar the list can go on trust me we'll be here quite some time most people around the tropics are dependent on two very unstable factors number one your climate number two the slowly reducing capability of our oceans to provide us with the economic commodity of fish simply as an island resident I was able to see this fish populations deteriorate over the years practically meaning the same fish I would see by the jetty aged foreign crops in Crocs we're not the same fish I would see their age 212 families are strained when the dry season came their source of redemption the ocean was no longer there they were no longer able to depend on this ocean practically let's look at a basic family infancy Island family of four two parents two kids family has a few chicken in their calm farm they have a few chicken some of them decide that they're gonna find food for this chicken others let them fend for themselves this chicken roaming around their own homesteads on to neighboring homesteads were practically all


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