1. Richard Seem

    people need 2 understand all car washes start out with prewash at ph of 10 2 12 so ur right on point destroying panel with super clean or any other apc….

  2. Emmanuel Selvas

    I was looking at both these products at Pepboys the other day but didn’t see the price on the mother’s, anywho I bought Meguires wash and wax because I was going to a car meet near by and just quickly did my car….still debating on these or maybe CG hydrocharge ceramic spray

  3. crkr

    It was my understanding that the Maguire directions say it needs to be applied with water as the water activates it (Maguire words not mine) so mabye if you followed the application directions on the Maguire bottle would it perform differently?

  4. Tony Stark

    also in fairness to your test ..the mothers cmx ses to apply and allow to dwell 2 to 3 minutes to bond then wife off and buff …you just applied then wiped off

  5. NS

    Wow….apparently there's far more "professionals" than you thought. 😂 everybody is an expert but nobody can accept things for what they are. I just ran the gauntlet with the meguires..decon,clay bar etc…and the hybrid. It is the best result I've ever had on my truck. I also have a $70 bottle of f11 and in my opinion it out performs the f11. F11 leaves a nice deep shine but it doesnt last and at $70 it is way too expensive so I just use it on my motorcycle.
    At $14 the hybrid is amazing. If you think it is supposed to compete with a ceramics coating that cost $1000's you're just stupid. It's a user friendly affordable product that works just fine and I love it. If you're just a regular guy or girl that wants a nice deep shiny result that feels like velvet when your done the hybrid is amazing. If you're like one of these 953 experts commenting…who probably 98% of them have never used it, go waste money on a result that you will never be able to tell the difference. When someone spends a lot of money on anything they will always claim theirs is best whether it's a car,boat,tv or frigging wax. But then again you will always have haters that will knock a product simply because they use something different.
    When I can sit at a red light and read the tag numbers of the vehicle in front of me on my hood….I'd say it did its job.😘
    Meguires is great stuff ESPECIALLY for $14

  6. Robert Johnson

    This is pretty much a wasted video. Worthless is all I can say.What makes you a professional? You suck and you opinion sucks also. Do yourself a favor and stop making stupid videos.

  7. theplayernkc

    I feel these companies are over using the word "ceramic". Most people know a true ceramic coating is going to last longer and hold up to chemicals better (except those pesky water spots) and they are marketing these products like you're going to get a true ceramic coating protection.

  8. bobsacco

    If you are going to make a DYI (consumer video) do a test of VALUE and EFFORT. That is, what is the minimum amount of steps and product I have to buy to maintain my car, what is the best value ($-wise vs. performance) and what products offer the easiest application and least amount of steps. I'd start with making 3 categories. 1) The all-in-one product, 2) 2-step products and 3) 3-step product. For the DYI person it's all about Value vs. Performance and ease of application.

  9. shayne williams

    The biggest error that I see in all these "Ceramic VS Ceramic" videos is that Meguiars is the only one that has the easy option to keep the protection easily by simply spraying it on before you final rinse the vehicle and will continue to shed water and protect without going through the more difficult steps of the first application…no one else offers this option.

  10. Val Tito

    I would like to use the treatment for the middle layer between the two tests. that area performed much mush better than the two test areas!!!

  11. FLYBOY123456789

    maybe I'm just tired after running 250 miles…but you are putting me to sleep. dang dude…rehearse before presenting…you just keep going on and on…that test revealed nothing…yawn.

  12. john smith

    Video was very confusing in rough to watch I honestly would have preferred a few pictures of different stages and an opinion at the end

  13. J will

    I'm curious why apex had completely opposite results with the mothers. I'm looking for something durable I can put on my boat once a season. I want to keep it looking nice but not spend all day polishing it moe than once a season. So far I have found nothing that can last 4 months in the conditions my boat goes through. I bought the mothers after watching apex hoping this was the solution but I guess I'll have to wait and see

  14. separate email

    Well, I think this is a confusing video. Honestly I think my Meguires Carnuba Paste Wax put just as nice a glossy shine as this video's two products. Since I garage my car 100% of the time after use, my paint job still looks like it just came from the dealership. The water just rolls off the paint even after 6 months and road grime and gunk wash off with a simple wash once a week. I live in salty Florida and the sun here is brutal, yet the carnuba wax is outstanding. I re-do the wax job after cleaning the surface with a pre-cleaner and re-coat the carnuba wax every 6 months and the job takes me 2 hours total. The carnuba paste wax was is about six or seven bucks in Wal-Mart. Let's see how much this 'hi-tech' stuff ends up costing n the auto supply stores.

  15. Finn MacCool

    Confused after watching this. Far too much talking!
    Have a look at Scotty Kilmer channel for tips on how to make short and to the point videos.

  16. MrBiglos73

    My view from watching a few videos, seems to me the Meguiar's product would not be washed of so easily, if its used as some say and do, is to use it when your drying your vehicle after washing it so your always applying it.

  17. Matt Lawrence

    I’m biased, as Mothers is a good product, I have used Meguiar’s forever and have always had great results and my vehicles stay clean shiny

  18. Corvette 412

    simple question!….all these spray and wipe, spray and rinse, etc. suck…nothing holds up. WHAT IS THE BEST LONG LASTING PRODUCT FOR PROTECTION? Not including PPF.

  19. Daniel Latorre

    My first time on your channel and I enjoy the topics along with the testings you guys have/do. I take care of my things as we all should in life. Therefore I appreciate a professionals insight on new products and techniques. but bro… I have to say this; TOO MUCH TALKING lol. Do your thing but, let the products speak for themselves. At times you lost me with so much random irrelevant chatter that it became cringing at times. This video (my first video watching) was confusing during the “harsh” testing with the screen layout and camera angles. You may see a difference but I found it hard at times to depict what you saw and were explaining. Anyways, it’s just my thinking that I thought I’d share. Constructive criticism as you will. You seem to have great content 😉
    Keep up the hustle.

  20. Randy Carlisle

    I never EVER put a degreaser or power clean etc. on my paint and I live where winters really suck and only south Florida has a bigger bug problem in the summer. I can’t believe I’m hearing a detailer that washes a vehicle with a degreaser smh. Your test is highly unrealistic and quite frankly, ridiculous.

  21. James Palermo

    Thought I'd mention that I had a much different experience with CMX. It sprayed on thick, and per the instructions I wiped gently then let it sit for five minutes and it had flashed SUPER hazy. The wipe off was crazy tacky at first then astonishingly smooth. It looks remarkable and water literally sheds to the point the panel feels dry.

    Haven't tried McGuiars because I'm so content with the CMX.

    Side note: it works great on eyeglasses, watch faces, and smartphones too. 😎


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