MSc Sustainable Food and Agriculture Policy

This course was developed in order to
respond to the challenges and opportunities for sustainable food and
agriculture and we wanted to develop a course with industry partners that
reflected those challenges and opportunities. The way in which the
course is delivered is blended. What that means is that 90% of it is online with
the remaining 10% of being residential. Online learning means that you can study
at your own pace while the Residential’s mean that you come here you meet your
tutors, you meet your peers and you get the opportunity to work and learn
together. Industry is connected to this course because right at the very
beginning we wanted to ground it in reality and so those industry
collaborators have been involved in the design of the course right from the very
beginning. Waitrose with their prowess and leadership in the arena of
sustainability, Barclay’s and their position in financial services and the
National Farmers Union, as one of the recognized leaders in this policy arena.
So who does this course appeal to? Well it appeals to you if you’re thinking of
a career in the agri-food sector, it will also help people who are already in the
agri-food sector, already in the policy arena, but are looking to progress and
develop their career in the future. It’s a course that is useful for anybody who
wants to immerse themselves in policy and policymaking and respond to the
challenges and opportunities in the agri-food sector in the 21st century.

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