MTV News Update Sept. 08, 2016 – Farmer's cash-crops in limbo

Hammacher and Narayan who commends planting cash crops on the government's reserve approximately nine months ago has filed a lawsuit against the regional Democratic Council and the neighbourhood Democratic Council narayan claimed that on friday last the region for vice-chairman instructed a group of men to destroy the crops mr. Lombard saw what's going on you damaged my crop oh ma let me reform the club and I'll give you the plot if you want it either I beg you I beg him and more I started there give me he don't want to listen to me I said so you want I go to teeth he said no longer teeth belong and I started greedy / – Sarang I couldn't take it more I have to be at home and I just realized the cash crop farmer believes that there is another side to the story because only one resident is being affected by the chemicals he is using to control the crops Narayan explained to MTV News Update that there are rice fields in proximity to the location of the cash crops which when sprayed with chemicals can have an effect on everyone in the village however he is of the belief which is using powers free meantime another farmer claimed that when he arrived at his farm this morning he discovered that his sweet peppers were uprooted you can't get work anywhere just have a plan cash crop so because it is the mechanic work and we can't fail right no one can teenagers do while even walking people out right now say they saved onto cash crop there's no cash cash Papageno no because everything Paolo Member of Parliament need camara fizzes the affected farmers in the cane Grove area and pledged to have the issue rectified during his conversation with the farmers the alleged affected resident ended up in a heated argument with Kumar neck a John Doe reporting for mtv news update

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