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Mugabe against the white farmers – Straight through Africa


  1. Hardrock4 Author

    Lovely to see the young Black Zimbabweans picking up farming. The white narrative who have you believe that the Africans are inexperienced, however the Zimbabweans have been farming that land for generations.

  2. jlhabitan50 Author

    From what I've read about the land reform years in Zimbabwe, there was never a transition period to which would have allowed a smoother and bloodless distribution of land, considering how agriculture was one of the country's greatest economic strengths. If there are large-scale farms that employ hundreds of workers who do work on the land among other things, a sudden land seizure would render all of those people without a livelihood, especially if those properties weren't actually being utilized for production.

    Is it true that many farms were not given to actual black farmers but instead given to cronies and corrupt officials?

  3. Colin T Author

    Interesting documentary. I contrast the treatment of white farmers in post-colonial Zimbabwe with freed slaves who were promised and never given land in the American South. You think they would trade places!

  4. WHO TOLD YOU THAT!? Author

    Wow 😮 this is a great video
    But I’m mixed in my feelings about these reparations 🤔
    Wonder how that would go down here in the USA if we all whom have Native American Indian in our blood told people to get off our land ! Times up ! 😜😝 nevertheless I feel the improper political power that was used to do this is deplorable nevertheless I gotta understand the wanting to right the wrong but I was taught 2 wrongs don’t make a right 😑

  5. Skelm49 Author

    In the Tribal Trust Lands and the Purchased Lands, there were African farmers. Given advice by the Ministry of Agriculture. This was over 50% of the land available. This was under the UDI. Rhodesia official was independent in 1923 when the British didn't want this land as a colony. They were almost a Dominion like Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Own government and the head was the Queen of England. Nobody stole the land. In 1890 there were only 400.000 in a country that was not a country before. The size was 10 x of the Netherlands. Before 2000 over 2000 farms were sold. The commercial farmers had 20% of the land. Tobacco grows on sandy soil and not on heavy clay soil. In nature, there is no bad or good land, to make into a farm, it is hard work.
    There were no farms, every farm has to be developed so how can they say that they want their land back? In the area of Wedza over 180 farms are gone and there is no production at all. A farmer can move and take his knowledge with him. The war vets didn't win the war. The Rhodesian army (70% were Africans) never lost one battle. They lost the war in London. Further what about the Ndebeles? In 1982 Mugabe's private army, the Fifth Brigade, left for Matabeleland and murdered over 20.000 citizens, wiped out villages. So Bram and VPRO, please go to Matabeleland and make a documentary about this crime.

  6. Moses Maropola Author

    Lets face it, colonialism was never legal. let's not talk that it brought civilisation. the horrors far outweigh civilisation.

  7. Gill Davis Author

    I don't believe this portrays the true situation of Zimbabwe. To say that farmers owned all the land in
    Zimbabwe is not true. What the people of Zimbabwe have been put through was inhuman and a very small elite owned everything after independence. Before independence Zim was a capitalist country. People looked after each other and no one ever starved. It's tragic really. The farmers thrown off their land had worked the land for hundreds of years. A disgrace really. Corruption was rife. But no word on that.

  8. Moses Maropola Author

    so fellows, do you really believe or want to believ the Rhodesian war of independence was just about a vote? fight for so many years just too make an X on a paper every 5 years? nope, it was really about land, that was actually occupied. but who gave the europeans that right to go around the continent and occupy land, regardless of whether it was unoccupied or not? That really cant be. Fact is, they came with their guns. if it wasnt for the gun, how else would they have occupied all the land? lets not make it like people were starving before europeans came to africa, nobody was starving. and when europeans came, people still ate. then when we want a piece of what was taken, there is some starvation. yes. but it will get better with time.

  9. Lovinlife Life Author

    They turned on the white farmers they should never be helped again from the outside world let them starve… so happy to get 6k let’s se u blow it

  10. Ann E Author

    Watch them driving anywhere out in the country and you will see miles and miles of empty uninhabited land. But no, they want the White hard working farmers' land and property already set up for them. Those white farmers started from scratch with that same bare land you see in this documentary and mortgages/debt as well. A sense of entitlement is false and is the downfall of that nation. I've never heard of any farmers have 10 properties! That is a myth perpetuated to justify theft. Lies.

  11. Charles King Author

    Africans have no need to explain themselves to whites in regards to African land…not in Africa…Nothing wrong with Africans dominating farming on the continent…further it is IMPOSSIBLE for Africans to "STEAL" African land from whites…it is Africa and they are Africans…IT IS AS IT SHOULD BE…

  12. Dan Hill Author

    All is good now but let's see if they can sustain the gift their government has given them without running it into the ground I don't think they understand you have to give to get

  13. Donald Telfer Author

    An intro giving the history of Rhodes, Lobengula, mineral rights, a missionary, the subsequent Matabele uprisings / wars in the 1890s, taxes, confiscation of livestock, followed by land grants to white settlers would have helped put things in a fuller context.

  14. chris smith Author

    The war was about land, everbody knows this and it is a fact. In 1980 everybody knew that land had to be and would eventually be redistributed, this too is fact, the Africans won that land fair and square on the battle ground so there would be no going back, this too is fact.
    It is obvious to every government that modern nations with ever increasing populations require well trained and skilled farmers, also required is machinery and also industry like fertiliser, cooling facilities etc for the smooth functioning of successful farming.

    These are all obvious facts. The government of Zimbabwe failed to train and pepare future farmers. They had 20 years to do so. I am not disputing the concept of redistribution because it is justice served, however, the current government are incredible failers and losers. They prepared absolutely nothing during the twenty years from independance and I repeat nothing.

    Why exactly do Zanu blame whites for their problems when the government had adequate opportunity to plan and implement a smooth transition and subsequantly successful farming ventures in form of their people and machinery they prepared.
    Zanu are hopless planners to be honest and are a bunch of cry babies blaming sanctions.

    Zanu are anti black excellence. Look at how they treated their best and most brilliant black minds, why were they forced out of the country and why is it that they do not return to the country? Go to any english speaking country or to neighbouring countries and see the brighest and most brilliant individuals Zimbabwe was blessed with building not their home nation but foreign nations.
    There is no way these farmers will succeed, how under a government that fails to plan and implement successfuly? This is a sad fact, Zimbabwe will continue to sink to levels of foolishness, no watrer, no electricity, no food. The place is a joke where feaces and trash are pilling up on urban streets.

  15. Tina Diggs Author

    The African lady said, land reform was necessary. Did the colonialist have the right to take our land? No , he had no right. The reporter had the nerve to ask her about compensation in other words to the whites. The whites need to compensate the Blacks for taking there land!!!

  16. SlypherSpoons Author

    The failure of Zimbabwe and the mass amount of famine and death caused by this bigoted attack on white farmers is karma. You ruined a first world country called "Rhodesia", if there was justice, they would also cut aid from European nations to feed them.

  17. Rachael Holness Author

    Lands given to consumers who only know how to eat. There is USAID, NATO maise not for sale. Breeding poverty by the minute. They don't have the money, know how, discipline, longivity.

  18. 23GreyFox Author

    Who did a better job? 6000 white farmers or 250000 black farmers? Remind me of china in the 50s and 60s, between 50 and 100 million starved.


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