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Mums are popular for All Saints’ Day

Nothing says fall like cooler weather,
shorter days and fall chrysanthemums. Or, we call them mums. We have got all sorts of
colors here, right? I’m standing here with Anna Ribbeck, and we are in Lacombe,
Louisiana, at a local nursery. And they are just well known for their mum
production. And as I understand it, Anna, all of these mums will be gone by next
week. Yes, by next week. This is All Saints’ Day. It’s coming up. It’s November
1st, and everyone out from Lacombe — it’s a big time-honored tradition here — they
come and get their mums from Banting’s, and we grow 3,200 pots. Wow! and they
bring them to the graves of their loved ones — of their deceased ones. And they
put them to honor their deceased ones on the graves. We also sell candles as part
of the All Saints’ Day tradition, and they buy those as well and bring them out to
the graves to honor their loved ones. That’s awesome! So, when selecting mums,
we want to be sure — I know you’ve got to resist the urge — unless you’re holding
some kind of gathering and you need some instant color — you actually want to steer
clear from these fully blooming mums. They’re great for instant color. If you
want to go for an extended bloom time. You want to choose some that haven’t
fully opened yet, like these here. You can deadhead these back by pinching off the
blooms. Now, be careful when you’re watering mums — especially in containers
— not to water them overhead. It can cause some rotting issues. So, let’s water at
the base of the plant. Now, there’s lots of colors, purples, yellow, oranges,
whites. Just a wonderful selection for fall decorating and for your landscapes.
For Get It Growing, this is Anna Ribbeck and I’m Heather Kirk Ballard with the
LSU AgCenter.

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