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MUSIC MIDTOWN ATLANTA 2019! | State Farm Neighborhood of Good

Alright hey y’all we are at Music Midtown
in Atlanta here with State Farm and I’m about to show you exactly what they’re doing to
give back to music education so follow me. Hey y’all it’s Ashley Renne and welcome back
to my YouTube channel where I show you how to live an adventurously green life. Now I’m really excited because State Farm
invited me out here to Music Midtown this weekend and I’m learning about how State Farm
believes that all youth deserves access to music education and so they’re doing that
by working with a nonprofit organization called Notes for Notes which gives youth the opportunity
to explore and create music for free. So what we’re doing is we’re going into each
of the State Farm homes. They’re music themed and we’re doing these
really fun music themed activities and every single time we scan our wristbands, they make
a donation to Notes for Notes and so whenever you scan your wristband you’re basically supporting
music education so I’m going to show you exactly what you’re going to find when you go into
these homes. There were a total of 4 activities to explore
which meant 4 opportunities to scan our wristbands for State Farm to make a donation on our behalf. First up we went inside State Farm Stage to
test out our drummer skills. Ok so this is the one where you’re doing like
drums and all that stuff, so you wanna go in there? Yeah let’s go into this one. You did that. After rocking out we headed over to State
Farm Studio to unleash our inner super star. Ok, I have to sing? Yeah! Oh Go okay. Beyonce aint got nothin on you! Hey I got it alright, I got this. Here you were challenged with dancing like
nobody’s watching and singing as loud as you can even if you don’t know the lyrics. Why don’t we do something…like, I don’t know. Ayyyyy. You don’t know this song?! There you go. That’s it. That’s all you do. We’re good. Can you see us in there or no? Sorry? Can you see us anywhere like when we’re in
there? No. Oh you can’t? Ok. All the other houses are really cool too. These activations, they’re all music themed. This one is the silent party. Next we hit up one of my faves Club Jake,
a silent disco where you could bust moves to songs only those with headphones can hear. All while having boomerangs recorded of you
and sent straight to your email afterwards. Ok boomerang get ready. You missed it! Let’s try it one more time. After the countdown hits zero, that’s when
the boomerang starts.Oh! You have successfully donated to Notes for
Notes. Here. Look how much you’ve helped raise! We did that. Mmm. Let’s do it. Lastly there was Good Neighbor Records where
we got to listen to music from the young and talented Notes for Notes artists. Ok ooh Atlanta. Gotta represent my city. Hunter is a singer, musician, and actor represented
by BMG Atlanta. Alright let’s go to New York. He’s 17 years old from Brooklyn, New York. Dang he started when he was 10. You know what let’s try DC. I like this. Wow. I cannot believe these kids are under 18. After listening they let us write encouraging
notes for the artists expressing just how much we loved their music. Once the festivals are done, they will compile
the notes into a book and send to the kids for them to keep. That’ll be really cool. Yeah. so the book will go straight to the kids? Yes. Ok. Your song was amazing. It had so much soul. Took me back to when I was younger. Beautiful song. This was really dope of you guys. Yeah. I’m sure it really empowers them. It really does. I got a fanny pack.I think it goes with my
dress. What do y’all think? State Farm’s Neighborhood of Good gave music
fans a chance to give back to music education all summer long at Music festivals all across
the nation and will continue to do so throughout early fall at ACL music Festival in Austin
and Voodoo in New Orleans this October. As an Atlanta native I had an amazing time
hitting up the one in Music Midtown and I’m excited to see how State Farm continues to
support the youth. This State Farm Neighborhood of Good is so
dope you guys. Like if you’re going to be at ACL or Voodoo
in October make sure you stop by the State Farm Neighborhood of Good, scan your wristbands
at each of the houses and experience the fun because then you’ll get to support music education
in the process which I think is so important because music does not get the support that
it needs so I’m really happy that music has State Farm in its corner. Alright so I’m going to finish doing my boomerangs
in this one and I’m going to enjoy the rest of the festival. Until next time keep on living an adventurously
green life y’all/

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