1. Jacqui S-J

    Hi I was at Bowood too but didn’t feel brave enough to come and say hi – I will next year. I loved all the fabrics they were selling but restrained myself as I had no projects in mind at present. Can’t wait to see your completed jackets.

  2. Hannah Confino

    Just a heads up about the African Wax Print Fabric. The reason it's stiff is because they use wax to create the design. This not only makes it look newer for longer which is desirable in Africa, but gives it it shape – UNTIL YOU WASH IT. Once it's washed it's much softer, and is like a thick cotton, but not structured at all. It also won't be exactly the same on both sides, if you look closely, it will be slightly different, and there is a wrong and right side.

  3. badeendje105

    Wow, amazing fabrics again! I bought a wax print fabric the other day and did get some info on how to wash it (by hand, maybe using a little vinegar), but could you let me know how you wash it and how it came out of the wash? That would be great thank you! (I am planning to make a structured wrap dress btw, from one of my simplicity magazines).

  4. Voice of a Creative

    Lovely selection of fabrics. I bought fabric from fabricking at the handmade fair as well. I saw the embroidered denim and look forward to seeing what you make with it. I met you briefly at the handmade fair, this is the link to my YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtbMfjWVst_F06ZKd0L1HIQ thanks so much for making awesome inspiring videos! Happy sewing

  5. rachaeloultram

    Love the denim!! I’m on a fabric buying ban as my machine is broken and is going in for repair next week 😢😢it’s killing me 😆xx

  6. Janet Miller

    Wow! Loved the fabrics you showed. I learn so much from you, thanks. Looking forward to seeing what you make with those amazing fabrics you showed us in this video.

  7. Sage Preaumx

    I can so see why you bought a second denim fabric; it's awesome! I looked on fabricking's site and they have some beautiful viscose as well, however, there is no description of fabric width, weight, or content. Am I looking in the wrong place?
    Your African print is amazing! I couldn't find it online 🙁 but they had a couple of other prints I really liked. How about making a denim or bomber jacket?

  8. Anette Kirstine Jensen

    the african print fabric would look good as some kind of jacket maybe …:) and check out Burda pattern 6414 for your palm print fabric … i have just bought that pattern to make version A which is the long dress 😉 Happy saturday 🙂

  9. Kat cankan

    OMG that embroidered denim! I love it, right up my street. Like you l love print too.I am looking forward to seeing you make the denim jacket!
    PS say hello to Hugh.

  10. Joyce Hayhow

    If you aren’t a subscriber to Emily Maust’s YouTube channel you should check it out. She lives in Africa and has little access to any fabric other than African prints. She makes everything out of it.

  11. pam bradshaw

    Love all the fabrics! The denim jackets will look awesome in that pattern. You could even use some of the embroidery one for pockets and cuffs for the plain one. Mix it up a bit and have several looks. Can’t wait to see the jackets. The African print is gorgeous. A structured dress would be pretty. Even dungarees would be pretty out of that fabric. Sky is the limit! I’m sure you will come up with something amazing.
    🌸🦋🌸 Happy Week 🌸🦋🌸

  12. Kate Sterling

    Just purchased some African prints from dovetailed. The one you have and also the pink & butterfly one. Can't wait to try them out. TY ☆☆☆☆☆


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