1. ChasonT

    I never knew that mealybugs were also a source of honeydew for ants. I've always herd (get it) of ants farming aphids, but never mealybugs. In fact this is the first I've heard of them. That being said literally all the info was new and fascinating to me. The millions of years of symbiosis, to the face that males and females take on such different forms.

  2. Lieutenant BaconWaffles

    Every time he says OMG, a king ant gets its wings 8/
    Mealeybugs may be fine for ant pets, but as an amateur tomato farmer, they set me on edge. Have the mealeybugs population blown out of control yet? Is the bonsai still healthy?
    Ever try mixing your ants' food variety up with a few garden pests like snails, slugs, grubs, carpet beetle or weevil larva?
    The ents don't seem to like having bottled water dumped on their baby sisters. Try misting with a spray bottle.

  3. Sticker Happy

    I have this succulent Portulacaria afra, it covers a decent area outside. I am sure there's a colony somewhere close, sometimes i see ants doing this, other times they do it with what look like eggs or food. They placed said things under the leaves flowing along to the stem. Sometimes i leave them honey soaked cotton balls nearby. Wonderful creatures

  4. Janine Silverlance

    💖🐜🌸I think you're amazing 😃 I just discovered your videos today and already watched so many. I love how scientific, fun and interesting you make everything. You're extremely knowledgeable on what you do. Thank you for including people like me. Girl from the UK… 🌸

  5. Tim C.

    How much money do you make every month from the views and subscriptions of your videos ? I reckon you make tens of thousands of dollars for a video that hit millions of views. That's good money!!

  6. martysgarden

    These ant stories alway get me…I wish I the gift of story telling. It's truly amazing what you film here.
    Thanks for the vids!


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