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My questions to Commissioner-designate for Agriculture, Mr Wojciechowski- Molly Scott Cato MEP

Mr Wojciechowski, the UN have made clear that
we need to use our land as a carbon sink in order to stay within the 1.5 degree warming
limit. There is a big opportunity here for farming to be a part of the solution to climate
change and biodiversity collapse. We need an organic system of farming that will build
carbon-rich soils without the use of toxic chemicals, and to restore wetlands, peatland
and forests. We need to eliminate food waste and stop the import of soya that drives deforestation,
to feed too many farm animals. Public money should support farming practices that work
with nature. We need to make farming resilient using agro-forestry and living soils to prevent
flooding. That’s our view of Green Agriculture. Are you ready to play a leadership role in
overseeing this transformation of our agriculture system? Will you lead the European Green Deal
for agriculture? – Thank you very much, Madam, for this question.
And my answer is “yes”. I’m ready. I’m fully ready, because it was one of the reasons that
I positively responded to the unexpected proposal to be candidate to the European Commission.
The possibility to change European agriculture to this direction. But with the farmers. Not
against the farmers – that’s very important. I sometimes hear opinions in favour of forcing
farmers to green agriculture. No. [We need] to encourage them, support them, to help them
and finally to help society. Thank you. – I think you know we are going to hold you
to that, because business as usual is not an option for farming and for our land-use.
And I would also say that we are not against the farmers either. But what we are against
are the agribusinesses that make farmers dependent on them, encourage them to use chemicals and
machinery that they can’t afford to pay for. That is not the Green way. And so, will you
challenge the domination of agribusinesses in our farming sector, so that we can have
a truly green future for farmers? – My answer will be shorter than one minute:
Yes, I agree with you, Madam.

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