My World – Cultivating media literacy skills

[calm piano music] My World is a unique product. It takes the stories and themes the young audiences care about the most, and it brings to bare the BBC’s impartial and
trusted journalism on them. And each week a theme from
the show will be incorporated into an online learning module produced jointly by BBC
Learning and Microsoft. My World will provide much needed access to impartial and independent
information of a high standard. And crucially, it will
encourage critical thinking amongst our young audiences. Most of all, we couldn’t
have made this product without this partnership with Microsoft, the best partner you could of wished for to bring this new show to the market. [intense orchestra music] [Narrator] Thanks to a spotted AI, he’s actually about to present the news in various different languages, ones that he can’t actually speak. [in foreign language] [Angelina] I’m very happy
to be working with the BBC on a children’s program. As a mother I just am so happy I’ll have something I can sit
with my children and watch and know that they’re
getting a real international sense of the world as well.

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