1. CymroMawr22

    Evil. Notice they don't show any close ups of the fish being factory farmed  in those containers ? And we wonder why we are becoming immune to antibiotics when factory farmed living creatures are kept in horrific conditions and then treated with antibiotics and other drugs.

  2. jabberwolf

    What they DONT talk about: the waste water (crap) they dump into the red sea and pollute!!!
    The coral reefs are all dying off because of this!

  3. hkstha

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  4. bong Scott

    Working on the next prawn system and on costal land pen first. (Car park) pending pation and still no cleaning old school. Smaller setup to area?should pay out. How much waste do you release into the environment????? This way. In a pristine water way I want this job.

  5. Faizal 1234

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