1. Bruce Wayne

    Y'all saying the European steal the resources. But by evolution, we all came from Africa. Technically, every resources in Africa belong to European. So they're not stealing.

  2. Kevin Asoera

    Africans needs to be reeducated starting from primary schools to universities.Every thing u read in the old testament happened in Alkebulan or Ethiopia or Africa, African's has everyright to know their own history not the history of the colonizers who have no interest in their daily affairs but to keep on confusing n explioting the masses for their benefits. Africans are judging the book's by its cover by making unnecessary friends, playing Golf with the snakes, borrowing money for developments with higher interest, trusting n believing the colonizers ideas, the colonizers indulge in bringing n using the indigenous people as guinea pigs, Ebola, Hiv n other kinds of maladies were invented to wiped the indigenous people out than acquires their lands for their own use. The media's know's the truth but chose to conspired with the crooks in other to confused the world. Africa is the root of the tree n the root supplies water n other kinds of mineral resources which keeps the branches alive ,the world is the branches n Africa is the root .


    and so tell why why why are we the poorest and most disrespected race on this globe??? when we are the richest continent on this planet. with those natural resources

  4. Boris Atem

    this presentation is lacking in many areas,Africa worth more than what the presenter presented, the continent seats on mineral resources, many countries in aFRICA GOT HUGE DEPOSITS OF OIL AND GAS, GOLD AND DIAMOND,cobalt,cotane ,maganese just to name a few.

  5. Abdulkader Daud

    we are not poor. it is an illusion, Africa is the world's richest continent. but one must understand why it looks like this. now I know part of the truth and I'm not afraid. it is not a race issue. thanks for letting me to remind people of what it is about. what the rest of the world wants've africa and africa want what the rest of the world have. but the economic value comes from Africa despite the fact that Africa can not see it.


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