1. Shakil Ahmed

    At first the government of Pakistan should remove corruption from the country. Otherwise in spite of these resources Pakistan can not be developed. Some people of Pakistan will steal these resources, if corruption remains.

  2. Danish Rafique

    this is great video related to natural resources thank u so much kindly up load more video related to international interest on our country related to Baluchistan.


    Last year, Americans released a report that according to 68.104427% (881971 km2 is total area Of Pakistan, and 600000 km2 is Full of Natural Resource's under land ) of Pakistan's land is full of natural resources….I understand that natural resources will never end,Because It's God Gifted.What do you say, the petrol,water will never end?..

  4. Rashid Amir

    Sir Very very elegantly described.
    I shall also appear in Patrol Officer's competitive examination of FPSC. Sir plz special lecture regarding it's preparation and syllabus. It's MCQs type paper.

  5. Sidra Yousufzai

    A great initiative sir. We were in dire need of a channel like this. Please also make a video on the new great game in asia.


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