Natural Resources part 1 (Introduction) CBSE class 9

he'll open this video on Natural Resources Batman is brought to you by no more pure from exam topics to be covered in this lesson our introduction environmental problems air air pollution water water pollution soil biogeochemical cycles we're in the discus about water cycle nitrogen cycle carbon cycle and oxygen cycle ozone has now when we talk about natural resources so there are these natural resources the resources which exist in nature now when we talk about nature forcing that come to our mind is what makes us a unique planet like these natural resources exist naturally on this planet for thousands earth so very unique dance the remaining planets of the solar system so when you look at are the most critical feature of alters that it's supposed light so what do we mean by supporting life also the only planet when living organisms can't exist the organisms can reproduce they can live date is so the entire environment is and appropriate that is needed by an organism to live and sludge so let us look at some of those features of the earth which makes visible presence of air so when you look at air water air made of all so air consists of different gases mix together and these gases are needed by different living organisms for example you talk about oxygen the oxygen is needed by living organisms possessed aeration so the expiration of that process in which food is converted to energy and every living organism needs energy to survive because they need energy to perform all the various metabolic processes talk about elements like nitrogen and carbon we can need it for the formation of various biomolecules like protein as nucleic acids carbohydrates etc which in turn form the living body itself the presence of air is one critical parameter because of which earth supports life pleasures of water now as we all know that water the light water cells multiple purposes for example what is even if you look there inside the living body also there also water for multiple plants functions it helps you transport useful material to different parts of the body at the same time it helps to remove the unwanted material that is attached to remove the waves from different parts of the body so that means water helps in transportation and you would have seen it for yourself that's being human beings we need water for so many different purposes cooking for drinking for taking bath for cleaning super all of these we need water plants they will not be able to survive without water so water helps in transport of minerals and necessary nutrients for all living organisms moderate temperatures so if you look at a temperature of the planet Earth it is neither too high nor too low so the temperature is perfect and favourable for survival of living organisms the presence of air water is presence of a body temperature all of these together enables earth eater Oh tonight and she's also the only planet with support life that makes or very few now what comes to your mind when you think of our environment so when we think of our environment we could think of the things that generally happens around us so how do we want our environment to be so obviously we want our environment to be clean gain no pollution no dust no smooth so that's how we want it to be so we want fresh air every day so that when we breathe in we feel good so that is our expectation from our surroundings from our environment but what action is the piece now there are certain things which are kind of interfering with a clean green environment and that is bothering our environment so what are these unwanted things so these unwanted harmful substances could be the waste materials or the toxic chemicals which are thrown as waste from our household or from industries or factories or any other public place similarly these unwanted materials could also be some poisonous gases which hit any did during burning of substances or the poisonous gases which get emitted from the vapors engines so there could be a lot of unwanted ample substantials that might get released into the environment because of which the environment no more delays cleaning and weak and green so what happens now you would have seen this also that if you take a near a main load of the zero there are some places open it so you wouldn't say that that claim is very kind of dusty and smoky and collected and even if you breathe in such a place you do not feel good you do not see that you're breathing in fresh air so so what is that so that is happening because of the presence of some unwanted substances in the environment which is kind of polluting the air so these unwanted substantials might interfere with the clean and green environment and because of the presence of all of these unwanted materials the green earth gets converted to a polluted earth so in this lesson what are we going to do this we're basically going to talk about the resources which exists on the planet Earth which makes it special for example water and soil these are some natural resources which already exist on this planet but we will also see that how these natural resources are threatened these days due to the presence of undesirable subchannel so be able to talk all about these different resources now before we start we must know that it is extremely critical and urgent for each one of us to take good care the environment because if our environment is not proper that is if there are undesirable substances in the environment that is the environment is polluted this can also cause large numbers of debt so graduating the living organisms will start dining and it reminds even is a time where you know them the diversity of the living organism will actually reduce a lot due to environmental pollution so if you look at the picture on the screen it actually shows that India is at the second position in terms of number of deaths in a year due to environmental pollution and that's quite threatening so we should take this issue seriously so this is something which we desire our planet Earth to the every day steamed green lot of trees everywhere because presence of these helpers in a lot of ways it helps to kind of maintain the the quality of the soil it also binds water under the ground it also helps in maintaining the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in atmosphere so there are a lot of advantages of having low trees so green cleaning and wine with this is what we want the planet Earth to be but how is it actually becoming something like this fantasy you often come at websites like this waveguide which is are dumped like this on the roadside or on the Riverside and that's really awful besides that we see that most of the trees most people are in adversities develop mainly trees and birds I cut because of which is the natural trees have originally so the greenery has reduced to many vehicles human factories and industrial industries have also added to the amount of smooth and all those gases to the atmosphere so all these together to gradually kind of polluting our environment and needing you according to the earth thank you please visit for free quality education you can learn with a simple four-step learning process reading you can watch video lessons you can ask your questions you can refer notes and you can take a free online test we have content for class six to twelve on physics chemistry mathematics and biology along with practical videos so please subscribe to our channel for daily updates thank you


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