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NatureFresh Farms Unveiled Cucumbers

Hi, this is Produce with Pamela
for Blue Book Services I have something new and unique an opportunity to
give these a try They are NatureFresh Farms’ new Unveiled cucumbers I can tell you all about ’em – they have a “uniquely light and
pure in color with with a thin skin and a natural
earthy flavor.” “A true beauty with an
unrivaled crunch.” an “Unforgettable flavor experience.” but I decided to go ahead and use my own personal focus group My boys – Ike and Uli. They are the biggest
cucumber lovers out there and so I let them have a crack at the first taste of these. Ike was super excited
that it was something that no one else has Grab a package Can you guess what these are? Can you guess what they are? Ike, what do you call zucchini? Imposter cucumbers Imposter cucumbers.
These are actual cucumbers and Uli has already been
eating them, actually They are NatureFresh Farms new Unveiled – they’re called
Unveiled – Lemmie see see – Unveiled which, Ike you have one open
so what does it look like? They’re so weird –
I want to snap it open and see what’s on the inside Ok, well, snap it open
see what’s on the inside (((((crunch noise))))) It’s normal. We actually got them sent overnight to us They JUST launched. and I’m not even sure
what to make of it It’s very smooth
it doesn’t have any of the bumpiness on a cucumber that would
normally have Doesn’t have very much of a
cucumber-y smell (((((crunch))))) But it has all of the cucumber flavor. Again, that’s what’s
goin’ on in there. So these are really interesting They’re brand new – just hit the market NatureFresh’s Unveiled cucumbers. I actually…since Ike calls
zucchini imposter cucumbers because he accidentally ate
a raw zucchini once thinking it was a cucumber
because cucumbers are my boys’ favorite vegetable he ate one once and he
called it an imposter cucumber I would actually even
call these like a A ghost cucumber A ghost cucumber – yup. It’s pretty tasty. Again this was Produce with Pamela
For Blue Book Services They’re very smooth. They’re actually —
ha – that’s kind of funny I have this right here.
They’re almost the color of celery. If you look at a head of celery.

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