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Navage Nasal Irrigator Review

– Hi, I’m Parris, and in exactly six weeks seasonal allergies will strike me. I know this because
every year it’s the same. I have cedar fever, and it
starts right after Christmas. In the past, the only
way I’ve found relief, other than medications, which I don’t care for the side effects of,
was a nasal irrigator. It’s a device, you put
in some salty water, you put a tube up one side of the nose, and it would push water through and clean all the pollen out. It really did help but
it was uncomfortable because you got pressure building up on one side of your face until it would go through and
then come out the other. You had to do it over a sink because you had a fountain of stuff going through and pouring out. So it was uncomfortable, and messy, and I would only use it when I was having a really bad
day with the allergies. Well, this company, Navage, has sent me the very latest in nasal
irrigation technology. They’ve made some improvements that make it much more
comfortable, they say, and also you don’t need to
stand over a sink to do it. The key to this is, instead of just having
the tube up one nostril, it involves two tubes and both nostrils. Let me show you how this works. (guitar music) ♫ Epic review guys Thanks to the people at Navage for sending me out this
full set to try out. Now, the device is in the box here. This is the main thing, but I’ll show you what else they sent me. A handy travel case, if
you have to go on a trip, and you know you’re going
to have allergy problems, or after flying on the
plane, this would help you. It’s nice to have a carrying case. This is a caddy that I think you can keep your additional pieces in so they don’t get lost on the sink, and the additional pieces. These are called salt pods, and basically, this is the saline water that you’re going to use or mix with other water I would guess, because there’s not enough in here to really do the job. You put one of these in, it’s sort of like a Keurig for your nose. You put one of these in,
and you close the thing, and then the salt water in these pods will get mixed with the distilled water that you add to the device and then that’s what gets pumped through your nose. It’s important to have a certain level of salinity in the water that you put through your nasal passages or it really stings. The previous nasal irrigator that I had, they gave little powder packs,
and you would put them in, and you had to mix it until
it all dissolved in the water. This one, it’s a liquid in each pack, so it’s all ready to go. I’m not sure if all these pieces are included in every set. You’ll have to check that out. You can find this on their website or on Amazon. Goes for $90 to $100, depending on how many of these you order with it, because you will need
these each time you use it. I’ll put a link to find
out more about this right down below the video. Let’s see what comes in the box. This is the heart of the kit. Things that fit different
size nostrils, I’m guessing, a screwdriver, let’s hope that’s involved in the assembly of the device, batteries, and here, this looks to me
a lot like a water pick. Pick your nose, it’s as
easy as one, two, three. So, here’s your upper chamber where you’ll put distilled water. I’m thinking this is where you
put your little Keurig thing to add the saline to it, the motor and the pump
must be here in the middle, and the results, as it
says here in the box, let me read this to you, “Isolates and shows you the
results in the lower tank.” Clean water comes out here, not
so clean water goes in here. This is why you don’t need
to use it over a sink. To take apart the main
device, to clean it out, especially the bottom tank, it’s just a matter of twisting
it, and the pieces come off. Just put in two double A batteries. This is not dishwasher
safe, so you do need to take it apart and hand wash
the parts that need cleaning, and rinse the parts that need rinsing. Now this can be used for
things other than allergy. Also, if you have a cold
and you get congested, both my daughters have used
our previous device for that and found it really did help a lot. I’ve put on the medium
sized nasal pillows, that is what they call
the little grippy things that are going to make
contact with your nostrils. They give you a large
size and a small size, and it goes on your face like this. Yeah, that feels like how they want it. You’re going to get them wet because you want a tight seal around them because one side will gently push the saline water out and up, and the other side, and this
is what makes this unique, actually pulls, it actually
has some gentle suction. My experience with the
nasal irrigator before was it had the one side and
it pushed and I found my natural reaction to
having water go up my nose was to sort of clench and tighten down, and it was like I was
fighting the machine, and only when I relaxed enough, then I could feel it go
through somewhere back up in my sinuses and then it
would come out the other side. This is supposed to do all the work, you just have to relax and
the water will gently push up one nostril and will
be pulled out the other so I’m hoping it won’t be
me fighting the machine, it’ll just do what it needs to do. It’s only for one person to use, and of course they don’t provide you with anymore medium nasal pillows so that you don’t transmit some bacteria or something from one person to another. This is just a personal use product, it’s not meant to be passed around. We also have a MyPurMist,
which is good for moistening up in the sinuses but it
doesn’t do the deep cleaning like this sort of thing does. I’m gonna use our MyPurMist
refill distilled water, pour it here up to the fill line. Uses about that much water, so I’m thinking 300, 500 milliliters. Oh no, about 250 milliliters. I’ve picked a flavorful
caramel macchiato salt pod. No, I’m joking about that, there are no scents or flavors to this. And they do make a big deal about you need to use one of
these each time, a new one. Okay, this came with it
and I saw no explanation, I won’t ask. Okay. I can see that, that waviness
of the salt water in this now. They do say to swirl it around a little so that it’s well mixed. You don’t wanna get a
blast of the plain water, you will get that burning sensation. They do say you can do
this for the first time over the sink just in case you, I guess, panic or whatever, and pull it away. I’m gonna do it here. I did grab some tissues though and I put a little water
around my nostrils. Power button’s on the side here. You can push it in halfway and that starts the suction part of it. You push it in all the way, that starts the flow of the liquid out, and 10 to 30 seconds is the usual amount of time you do this, but I think you get about a minute’s worth of flow and then the liquid is all gone, so you could stop at 30
seconds, flip this around, and then reverse the direction. Whatever you feel like doing. Here we go. Okay. Now with this one, you don’t
have to put your head down. You’re supposed to be
able to stand straight up, and they say to say, “Ahhhh,”
while you’re doing it, I think to block your throat so the liquid doesn’t go down your
throat and it goes through. Anyway, I’m just delaying
turning this thing on. All right. I’m gonna do it halfway
first, suction first. (machine buzzes) Oh my gosh! That, whoahhhh, yeah! It suctions, definitely. Umm, all right. (sighs) (machine buzzes) (coughing and clearing throat) (machine buzzes) It’s cold! Ahh! It’s sorta like being in a swimming pool. Ahh, ha ha. Underwater, when you get
the water up in your nose. Wow, it’s going through water really fast. That must be going through me really fast. I think I’m done. Okay. Ah, there was more in my nose
than would have anticipated. All right then. So, I didn’t use warm
water, that’s why it felt just like a swimming pool, I think, because the cold water in the back of the sinuses is a little bit jarring. Since I had it in the bottle,
I guess I could’ve poured this into a measuring cup, microwaved it, gotten it body temperature
and put it in here, it would’ve been a little
more soothing, but. (sniffing) There wasn’t a lot to clear out, I wasn’t having a bad nasal day. There’s stuff floating
in the bottom tank now, however, just very clear and wispy though. Not like you would see if you had any kind of cold going on and you would have significant discharge, but I’d kinda prefer it
if they made this opaque and you could like, have a little window to slide if you wanted
to see what was in there. Otherwise, you might not wanna look. All right, I had to go and
dump out the bottom tank. I know it’s silly to be
squeamish about that, and I’ve changed thousands of diapers with my two kids, I’m sure. But none of those were transparent. So, I guess as much as you can like an uncomfortable experience,
I like the way this worked. It had no hesitation once
I pushed that button in. It was like you’re on a
first date with someone and you’re not sure, should I kiss them? Should I not kiss them? But they have no doubts whatsoever and they just grab your head and pull your face right up to theirs. That’s what this was like. So if you like your
personal hygiene devices to have that take charge attitude, I think you’ll love the Navage. I just wish they made it so
family members could share it, because I’m sure this
would be a great device for Roxanne and Hemana the
next time they get a cold. Find out more about this or get yours before allergy season
strikes with the link right down below this video. Thanks again to the people at Navage for sending this out for me to try. Thank you, too, for reminding me of some very memorable first dates. You can keep checking
back for future videos or you can click that
subscribe button down below. You’ll get notified when our videos go up. See you on the next review! ♫ What does the fox buy? ♫ Nobody knows ♫ But before he goes shopping ♫ He watches our videos.


  1. floyd2386 Author

    I used to use a Neti pot, but hated having to blow my blow constantly afterward to clear out all the water. This thing intrigued me when I saw it on TV, but man, it sounds very pricey, especially with the proprietary saline pods. Allergies are pretty much haywire for me during all 4 seasons, but flare up badly during the start of each season.

    Well, thanks for the video and the laughs with the first date anology!

  2. stevemal2001 Author

    I prefer the netipot for clearing out the sinus's, I use one daily as I have pretty bad sinus problems and it works fantastic.  I bought and tried the motorized version but didn't really like it, it didn't have suction, just pushed the water through the sinus's to clear them out.  The normal saline packets are pretty cheap and warm distilled water is a must!

  3. SAMANTHA D Author


  4. shlisa shell Author

    Boy I gotta kick outta this one. ha ha ha… You're funny! And that 1st date description. lol This product really impresses me. I like it. I would be careful about microwaving your water no matter how little. There are other safer ways of doing it. ttfn

  5. Teri Ruiz Author

    Parris, you COULD make this for use by everyone in the family….just take off all the pieces that can be wet and soak them overnight in a very strong dilution of plain white vinegar and water in the sink. Maybe you'll have to put something over the entire sinkful to make sure they stay submerged but that is what is referred to as a COLD STERILIZATION method. I use a CPAP machine and it is used with plastic hoses and facial pieces that are made up of silicone or plastic and that is the way I was informed as to clean and sterilize them once a week. As long as there isn't any silicone, you could always add some bleach to the water as well, but bleach will break down the silicone so you don't want to add that when cleaning the silicone parts.

  6. Kym Glaspey Author

    The DO sell the nose pillows separately for $6.95 a pair, and the nasal dock for $9.95. I just ordered the machine today, and if it works, I will order a pair (and the nasal dock if necessary) for my daughter so that we can share the unit!


    Nasal irrigation worked just fine for thousands of years with clean water and a neti pot. The fact that Navage is trying to commercialize this like Keurig lets me know not to waste my money on this.

    Thanks for the review though!

  8. JasonWW2000 Author

    I've never used any type of device such as this but I have had bad allergies for at least 30 years now. I'm thinking I will try this device out. Do they recommend doing this once per day in the morning after waking up?

  9. Robert Rose Author

    Used mine for the first time today.
    It wasn't too bad!
    I did get choked twice for a few seconds. And I had some sinus pressure after. So I hope with regular use that won't happen.

    But it wasn't bad at all!

  10. Texas HD Video Author

    microwave your water for 30 seconds! I love mine. Also Navage doesn't want you to know that you can use your own saline solution. I found a link a Navy guy did showing how to use the salt pod lid and the reset button under the lid so you don't have to keep spending fro salt pods. here is a link
    I will continue to buy them, but someone might not have the budget for refills..thanks again

  11. TheWWFMankind Author

    It's not uncomfortable at all… esp. if you heat the water. I normally put a cup of water in the microwave for about 23 seconds. I can't even feel the water at that temperature. It's an amazing device and if it ever breaks, I'll definitely have another one the next day!!!

  12. Adam Barber Author

    Awwww Paris it was horrible seeing you in so much discomfort but I am happy that you have got your nose sorted for the spring time good luck with it 😊

  13. ValentineDayTwin Author

    It worked good for me. No problem in using it. If you're worried about cost, just go to Ebay and PURCHASE A REFURBISHED ONE FOR ABOUT $40. As I said, mine worked just fine.

  14. What..... Me Worry? Author

    A friend used that cursed thing- It sucked out part of his frontal lobes. He lost all of 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th-grade memory-as well as MOST of his College education. AND, his sinus is still clogged

  15. motodrummer Author

    I would love to try it but I do not like the idea that you have to have their pods in it for it to work. I could make up my own saline solutioon. Do you know if it will still work with a used pod in it?

  16. Lori Vattes Author

    I bought this at for $89.  They give you a coupon code to go on their website and get a free holder ($14.95 value).  Put it in your cart and use the coupon code to checkout and you get it sent to you for free.  It didn't take long to get to me, either.

  17. Moo Moo Puppy Author

    …A Keurig for the nose…lol…I'm glad I don't have to use any of these crazy things, and I feel for those with allergies, my mother included and my friends that hardly come over due to their dog/cat allergies.

  18. Lotusrk123 Author

    Too expensive, too complex, hate battery operated devices that don't have built in chargers, don't need to catch the leftovers as there is always a sink nearby and who cares what it looks like, so I'll keep using my (variable) squeeze bottle, thanks.

  19. S Andrews Author

    If the saline pods seem too costly to anyone, search YouTube for hacks. In just two simple steps, you can use any saline packets!
    My Navage helps me a lot with sinus infections and allergies, and I think it's kind of fun to see what it pulls out in the bottom!

  20. Jennifer Last Author

    I bought mine and i love it. Takes a bit to get used to. But in all honesty its helped me clean my sinus infection out way faster. I thank you

  21. 53patsfan Author

    Maybe you should be familiar with it before you review it. These are great, as I have 2 deviated septums with very narrow passages and without sinus washing I get BAD sinus infections and headaches. It took 20 years of suffering until I finally got relief. Due to my narrow passages ,the older sinus washes left water up there. Always fun bending over and a water stream comes out of your nose!!


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