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Need for more research in organic agricultural production

Hello I’m Jane Nalunga I work with NOGAMU the National Organic Agriculture Movement of Uganda and NOGAMU is a partner with Makerere University in the ProGrOV project from my experience in this project I’ve learnt that there is a lot that has to be done the pineapple value chain as we see it in Uganda has a lot of potential you find that many farmers who are producing pineapples do not take livestock as another major enterprise in their farming you find that the pineapples are organic they follow the organic management system but the animals are generally conventional so in this project I have realized that there is a lot of potential to develop the pineapple value chain together the livestock production as organic actually the research has opened up my eyes to realize that there are many research gaps that we could try to explore so that the farmers can gain more this has the potential to increase the famer’s productivity to increase the production of organic pineapples and also NOGAMU has to take the initiative to do more promotion in the marketing of organic products so i would like to recommend that although the ProGrOV project is ending we do not stop here but we go ahead and maybe write more proposals so that we feel in this research gaps for the benefit of the smallholder farmers in Uganda especially those in the pineapple value chains

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