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Neighborhood of Good® with Panic! At The Disco | Episode 4 | State Farm® Original Series


  1. Kristina Richter Author

    Brendon is what u call a great person this is why I love him so much his music and what he stands for is so inspirational I am so happy that he is doing this for the kids of today this will keep kids for being on the streets and being bullied they will have a place to go to make friends and make there dreams come ture. And kids will be able to show off what they are passionate about u can tell these kids are so happy and that Brendon’s mom and dad are so proud of him of what he is doing for the kids of today and look a mr.matta he so proud to Brendon keep u the good work and thank u for everything u do for us ur fans and for the Youth

  2. Roni! At The Disco Author

    I'm in tears, this is a beautiful thing. I love Brendon so much. He really does care about people. He is a bless. I'm so happy, that he lives an amazing life. This pure man deserves all the love!! ❤

  3. shelbie yeehaw Author

    There's a reason why so many people love this man. He genuinely loves and cares for his fans and those around him. He knows he has a big influence on people and he uses it the RIGHT WAY. I can't wait to see you in concert in January, Brendon!!

  4. Jordan Hileman Author

    Just had to make up an absurd excuse to my boss as to why I'm sitting at my desk sobbing while in a full smile. The world truly needs more people like Brendon. Such a beautiful and inspiring soul inside and out

  5. Not_Vincent_ VanGogh Author

    I'm so incredibly proud of you. There's are no words to explain how I feel right now. You're the kindest, most geounded, and giving human being out there. You have saved me and countless others and there aren't enough thank yous in the world. ❤

  6. ayyy .sophia Author

    If it weren't for this man who taught Brendon than there would be no panic! at the Disco. So we have to thank him for having a special connection with MR. DISCO.

  7. Hey There Author

    My bffs mom really disapproves of me listening to panic at the disco. She talks about him like she knows everything about him after listening to one song on the radio like 5 years ago (it was iwsnt) and says he is a terrible influence. The worst part is… she one time said “he is a bad influence along with all the other ppl in the band!
    it was yesterday. I cried.


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