1. advaaditya kumarkhokher

    Ban will kill all cows from this country,and in ten no farmer will have cow in his house ,because if cow becomes a burden on a farmer his economic condition is not such that he can bear that .

  2. Mohammad Azam

    Sanghi making peoples fool by supporting this. Live stock doesn't mean Cow only. Live stock is Buffalo, Goat, Sheep etc. They are talking about meat of those animals not cow.

  3. Mohammad Anwar

    it is a good decision. strictly apply this Act all over india. sabka sath sabka vikas. and na khaunga na khane dunga. also ban export and also import..

  4. saket bhagat

    बनती थी पहली रोटी, जहाँ गाय के लिये,
    उसी मुल्क में ,रोटी से कोई गाय खा गया ।


  5. amrit bansal

    Modiji se naye jobs to create ho nahi paa rhe but the ones that exist are being taken away in the name of blind faith……animal rights is a facade. After all BJP did promise freedom to eat beef in North East & even Kerala. They did support Jallikattu.
    All this is a NAUTANKI to get votes by communalizing the society


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