New Mods fs19 farming simulator New Multi Silo Shop fs19 #fs19modsreview

hello and welcome to new mods FS 19 for
farming simulator and today we have one mod release I just caught up on the
video earlier and thinking there be loads coming and it was one could have
compiled too nevermind let’s go to the mod up and see what we’re looking at
today and today we have the multi silo shop by C&S modding annmarie this is a
small small tea soda shop designed to fit where you need it to provide you all
you need to plant your crops there is no delivery price so you only pay the
market costs we don’t want to pay the market cost okay we’ll have a look at
that one and then the rest are updates the sit favourite is an update console
release removed unused files and then crop storage was seasons no not suitable
fixed tip call and update mod desk number and Bank a silo same thing with
that new picture and the same with the the case we just lowered the EU price so
that is your lot for today so here it is the multi shop silo now this one it was
sort of saying that it yam you get a little bit cheaper because you don’t
have a delivery cost as compared to this one and that seems to be the case we
will put that to the test in a minute and I’ll show you
so there it is it is the good thing with this it is a small footprint so it’s not
take up a huge area not that this wouldn’t it does but it takes up a lot
bigger area than that on this one but the Dames ID you can’t buy everything
from this this isn’t a everything bunker and everything that swap silo so what
what can we buy let’s go on to the back trainer there and got fertilizer lime
seeds fertilizer live seeds so that’s all you’re gonna get but you
do get it cheaper so let’s go for a fertilizer first with a boy full
thousand liters are that and that comes in at six thousand the four hundred
pounds so we go over to the edge solo and buy fertilizer in there and that’s
at seven thousand and forty so you can see it is a big difference although it
only sells those three commodities you are gonna get them cheaper every time
and that’s what it’s all about in that if you can get it cheaper all well and
good then we go on to seeds those seeds are quite expensive anyway and that
costs us 3599 whereas this one 3959 okay so it’s cheaper how does that
work out them is cheaper on seeds the edge one is right we just compare the
last one then so we come on to the lime and limes quite cheap anyway it’s not
too expensive and that is 899 pounds and that one is 999 pains today yeah it
is a little bit cheaper and you can put it in your farm it’s not that many slots
either it’s minus 3 on the slot count so that’s pretty cheap pretty low on slots
you can’t complain I like that Kenny really nice nothing
mod right out all that is you’re not full
today I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and if you did also appreciate you smash
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then why not check out my honey we’ve develop our band simulator video but
lost to Jean you’ll be surprised what’s there thanks for watching and I will see
you next time


  1. Farmer Brown Author

    Alien jims fert and seed sell box thingy. Its way smaller an looks better then the white elephant silo sell shop . Me thinks good idea . Not made well enough.


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