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New Room-Sized Ant Farm | Pharaoh Ants

Wow! Guys, what you will see in this video is truly
one of the coolest things we’ve ever done on this channel, and I cannot wait to show
you! Today we explore this newly created massive,
35 ft long ant farm setup I designed to house our newly caught Pharaoh ants from last week’s
video, and get this, it spans the entire ant room winding through furniture and room decor
with tubes that lead to some really cool living spaces. How has the new Pharaoh ant colony been adjusting
to these new enclosed territories? Did we catch a queen and are there any eggs? We even discover the colony’s very first world
event that posed a potential threat to their survival, so keep on watching until the very
end! AC Family, it’s time to enter the interesting
and unique world of our new Pharaoh ants, and explore the new giant, room-sized territory
we’ve made for them, in this eye-opening episode of the AntsCanada ant channel. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel, and hit the
bell icon. Welcome to the AC Family. Tired of nature channels not showing nature
shows? Just watch this channel. Enjoy! Last week, we watched with bated breath as
we formulated some cool traps to capture sections of an intruding army of Pharaoh ants that
were raiding our Garden of Eden, a terrarium belonging our colony of Marauder ants called
the Titans. If you haven’t seen last week’s video yet,
feel free to watch it here after watching this video. After isolating large sections of the colony,
we were able to catch a good number of ants, and turn the traps into actual terrariums,
and as promised, it’s time to show you AC Family the home of our new Pharaoh ants, once
enemies, but now friends. But before we take a look at them, in last
week’s video, you, the AC Family, voted for the official name of our Pharaoh ants. AC Family, I am happy to announce that this
new colony of ours is officially called the Tomb Raiders. Look at them! Amazing! They’re still new in this setup, and they’ve
chosen to camp out together in one area, but we’ll get back to them in a second. Let’s take our first walk through their majestic
properties. Alright, let’s start here, in what I call
the Valley of the Kings, named after the famous valley in Egypt where, for a period of 500
years, tombs were excavated for the Pharaohs and powerful nobles of the Eighteenth to the
Twentieth Dynasties of Ancient Egypt. It’s a simple plot of land with soils from
the Garden of Eden, so it contains Springtails to help with breaking down any waste left
in the valley. I consider it the Tomb Raiders’ valley area
as it is the lowest point of their entire property. Moving up the west side of the Valley of the
Kings we make our way up into Nefertiti’s Tunnel, named after the famous Egyptian queen,
and it’s here where our Tomb Raiders are camped out now. Not sure why they have elected this area as
the main nesting camp, but they are really digging Nerfititi’s Tunnel. Now, one of my concerns through all of this
was whether or not we managed to catch a fertilized, egg-laying queen. Pharaoh ant colonies which can be absolutely
massive can contain hundreds of egg-laying queens. The technical term describing this is polygyny. Pharaoh ants are a polygynous species, and
the queens themselves are daring enough to leave the safety of their nests to actually
feed out in the open with the rest of the colony on site! This was advantageous for us because during
the whole trapping process last week, I did make sure to capture a few queens, and look,
here is one now. But here’s the thing, yes, we had queens but
the question was whether these queens were fertilized queens? They could have been unmated, virgin alate
queens which of course meant they couldn’t lay eggs and perpetuate the colony. Without a fertilized, egg-laying queen ant,
our Tomb Raiders would all die out in just a few months. But look, just two days after living in their
new home, our Tomb Raiders are tending to growing piles of brood. It was great news to know that one of the
queens in here was actually laying fertile eggs. It’s hard to see through the polyvynil tubing
but it does look like we have some eggs and even larvae. Check out the size of this larva which was
filmed only 5 days after moving in, which means it developed from egg to mature larva
in just 5 days! That is insane growth! It seems our Tomb Raiders don’t waste any
time at creating workers. I feel they’re on the road to growing into
a really impressive army! Another reason why seeing this brood develop
so quickly was a relief, was because when Pharaoh ants hold their feeding raids, they
leave all their young back home wherever they are nesting. A smart move, but because our trapping system
last week involved using food bait to capture our Tomb Raiders, none of the colony we captured
contained brood, and considering that worker ants only survive for two months tops, it
meant that we would have a bunch of ants dying out over a two month period and eventually
nobody would be around to take care of the succeeding generation of ants and the queens. But, no need for us to worry about that now,
as our Tomb Raiders are thriving in their new home, and hey! Will you look at that? It seems some strangler Tomb Raiders from
the outside, members who weren’t caught have discovered their family and are trying ever
so desperately to find a way inside! I’ll tell you how I deal with these stragglers
later, but let’s move on. Nerfititi’s Tunnel opens up into the Tomb
Raider’s next home. Behold the Garden of Anubis, another beautiful
and simple living area with soils from the Garden of Eden, also containing Springtails. From here we enter the Nubian shelf which
extends eastward, but also comes to a fork. Let’s take a moment to move upwards. So check this out, AC Family, from the Nubian
Shelf the Tomb Raiders can choose to climb what I call the Pyramids Rise which takes
them directly into a completely dry, desert landscape of rocks and sands called the Rosetta
Stone Desert, named after the famous ancient Egyptian stone containing text written by
a group of priests in Egypt to honour the Egyptian pharaoh. This neat desert terrain in the Tomb Raider’s
highlands is left completely dry. The reason is because as a general rule, an
effective ant setup provides the ants with both a humid area and a dry area. You essentially want to give the ants a humidity
gradient, and the chance to hydroregulate, meaning allow them to move to whatever area
they want according to their humidity preferences. This is important especially for the young,
meaning eggs, larvae, and pupae, whose humidity needs are a lot more critical to survival
than the adults. The Rosetta Stone Desert provides our Tomb
Raiders with a dry escape if they ever need it. The succulent plant at the back is artificial
and I don’t intend to add any water or food in here. It is just barren land. Perhaps the ants may choose to use this as
the colony’s sacred burial grounds. We’ll see. By the way all of these terrariums you see
in this video are designed with the help of cool AC Biome Kits from our shop at,
which contain various decorations to help you design the perfect habitat and terrarium
for your ants. Another neat thing you might notice is the
large rock positioned at the back. Legend has it, that this rock is a piece broken
off from ancient hydrostone from a past extinct world in AC Lore. Perhaps those of you AC Family, who have been
subscribed to the channel for years may recall its origins. So let’s back track to the Nubian Shelf where
we descend down Cairo’s Drop, and come to Club Oasis. Of course, our tomb raiders need fresh and
clean water. This hydro station which was built from an
AC Test Tube Adapter and AC Test Tube offers the colony some clean water at any time they
need it. What’s interesting is that not every ant needs
to visit it. The Tomb Raiders simply send some messenger
ants to drink from it, fill up their social stomachs, then return to the colony to distribute
the water through mouth to mouth regurgitation transfer. These ants act as living water servants visiting
Club Oasis frequently and making sure all ants, queens, and young are hydrated properly. It’s an effective system because it means
not all members of the colony need to risk their lives by leaving the protection of the
camp. Moving downwards we enter the Garden of Alexandria,
after a good hydration, our Tomb Raiders can relax in this space, on Garden of Eden soils
before taking the longest trek in their setup on their journey to the next terrarium. Now AC Family, are you ready for this? As we saw in last week’s video, we learned
that our Tomb Raiders love to travel and are highly nomadic. So from the Garden of Alexandria, the ants
embark on a 25 ft journey up the Pharaoh’s Rise, behind my curtain, and across the great
Bridge of Horus, named after the ancient Egyptian sky god. The bridge of Horus winds around my curtain
rod and emerges in the eastern territories of the Tomb Raiders, down into what I call
the Osiris Underpass, named after the ancient Egyptian god of the underworld. I just love watching the ants traveling through
this stretch of tunnel! Coming from the other end of the Osiris Underpass
we enter the Sphinx Staircase, and we finally end here at the easternmost territories of
the Tomb Radiers, a place known as the Field of Aaru, named after the Egyptian mythological
heavenly paradise to which souls who qualified on their great journey in the afterlife remained
to rest. And this AC Family, is the vast home of our
Tomb Raiders. A 35 ft stretch of fertile land for the Tomb
Raiders to enjoy and travel through. Size-wise it doesn’t beat our Dark Knight’s
territories which spans over 40 ft of travel area, but for an ant whose workers are twice
as small as those of the Dark Knights, the Tomb Raiders actually have the bigger space
to travel relative to their size. And guess what, this colony is about to get
lucky. It’s feeding time! Today, I placed a pre-killed cockroach into
the Garden of Anubis. It wasn’t long before the ants moved in to
feast, not all of them of course, only the food servants. They would then bring the food back to the
rest of the colony stored in their social stomachs. Now as the ants were eating, I noticed something
strange. Wait a sec. Oh no! AC Family, look. Alien mold! This is very bad news. Oh boy! It looks like our Tomb Raiders are about to
head off on a rough start. Stay tuned next week for the continuation
of this epic ant story! But hey, if you enjoyed this video and want
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for you hear, if you would just like to watch some extended play footage of our Tomb Raiders
living in their new setup. Now, before we proceed to the AC Question
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of the week! In last week’s video we asked: List any one of the phases of our
ant trapping process! Congratulations to NoNameNation who correctly
answered: Phase 6 – Captivity! We also accepted: Phase 1: Locate The Site Of The Colony
Phase 2: The Line Of Death Phase 3: Setting Of The Traps
Phase 4: Removal and Phase 5: Precautionary Maintenance Congratulations NoNameNation, you just won
a free ebook handbook from our shop! In this week’s AC Question of the Week, we
ask: Name any one of the sites
in the Tomb Raider’s Setup. Leave your answer in the comments section
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