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NEW Row Crop Flamer for Organic Farm Weed Control

All right, welcome back. I spent all winter building this flamer. If you watched past videos, I was starting
on it. I haven’t taken videos since, but it is complete
finally. Today, we’re going to take it out, fill up
the LP tank, and see how it works. All right, so I just got done lighting the
pilots. This is the burning before we kick the whole
thing in gear. 38 burners on this thing. 30 feet wide. Just have a little simple switch pops the thing in gear. There it’s lit. Get a little bit of wind You can actually see the flame. Otherwise, without the wind, it burns pretty
blue. Holy cow, we got heat back here. It’s a very efficient burner that I designed. Figure this burner is kicking off about 38
million BTUs roughly. We’ll go over the field about four to six
miles an hour, depends on the weed pressure, and burn off the weeds. Actually, we don’t burn the weeds. What we do is we boil the moisture in the
leaves. That causes the cells in the leaves to pop,
stopping the plant from actually being able to feed itself, and then the plant dies. I’ve yet to find a plant that’s resistant
to the fire. Estimating it’ll take about 8 to 10 gallons
per acre of LP gas. Got a 250 gallon tank on it. You can see all the heat waves. She’s pretty damn hot. Okay, so there’s how the flamer works. We’re going to fold up the wings and probably
not put it in the shed tonight. Okay, so there you have it. Thank you for watching. Make sure you subscribe and like the video. Make sure you watch my next upcoming videos. Talk to you later.

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  1. Nathan Graber Author

    Very nice. Have you used one before ? . I'm an organic corn and soybean farmer in northwest Missouri. And we just had a six row flamer built. Been to wet to plant so havnt got to try it out yet.


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