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NextGen and the Godbersen Family Farm

For a beginning farmer in Nebraska, acquiring
enough land to stay profitable can be challenging. Brothers Jack and Austen Godbersen, of Wisner,
used NextGen, a beginning farmer program from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, to
help expand the family farming operation. NextGen provides owners a tax credit incentive
for renting to beginning farmers, which the Godbersen brothers used to their advantage
to allow them to be more competitive. When I was in college is when I really became
privy to what the beginning farmer was and what it was doing. The more I learned about it the more I tried
to fit it into our operation. With me coming back and a couple of other
brothers being in I thought it was a really good opportunity for us to expand on our operation
and allow for us to come back. I guess the main thing about it for us it
allowed us to be competitive in the land worked with renting and finding somebody that was
willing to rent to a beginning farmer and still allowing us to be profitable while doing
it and creating an area for all of us. The Nebraska Department of Agriculture’s
NextGen program helped level the playing field as Jack and younger brother Austen began their
careers in production agriculture. As far as the experience and working with
it all, it was very easy to do. It gave us the opportunity to rent ground
in an environment where it was very hard to rent ground, especially not being established,
not having a land base at all or equipment of anything like that.

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