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If you want to learn how to make this delicious sesame seeds Whole-wheat bread then what? keep watching this video Hello My healthy people welcome back to Maxine’s Corner In today’s video. I’m gonna be showing you how to make some delicious bread five ingredients what you see in front of you is the pot that I’m gonna be using to make The bread in okay, so that’s the first thing that you’re gonna need You got to make sure that the pot that you use is oven safe. Okay. Alright, so we’re going to be using that here I have three cups of flour and the flour that I’m using is whole wheat white flour okay, so I have a cup and a half of Water here, and this is hot water. It’s about 130 degrees Fahrenheit but I use tap water Filtered tap water and I just use my thermometer and measure it to make sure that it’s at the right temperature You can do the same as well So there I have my active dry yeast Absolutely love using that that’s the active dry yeast guys. I also have my sesame seeds and I have one teaspoon of salt I find that you’re gonna need a little bit more salt for this and guys. Those are roasted sesame seeds. Absolutely. Love them Let’s just put all our ingredients together. I’m adding my salt and to that I’m gonna go ahead and add my active dry yeast everything that you’re gonna need for This recipe is gonna be in the description box. Don’t worry about it And then I’m just gonna mix everything together and now I’m adding my water So guys what happened with the water is that I have my daughter throwing everything in and I found that as she was thrown in The water this is a cup and a half. She added way too much there She goes throwing the whole thing in and I was just adding a little bit at a time So what happened is after him mixed everything together I start to see that okay? It’s a little bit too much water So what I did was I just added an extra half a cup of flower. And once again, the flower that I am using is Whole wheat flour white whole wheat flour, and I just mix everything together And once you mix everything together, it’s gonna look something like that. And that’s exactly what you’re looking for now You’re just gonna cover it up and this is probably the most work The hardest part is just waiting around right? So it’s been 2 hours. It’s a little jiggly. That’s what it looks like I’m gonna put some flour on the surface just so it won’t stick to the surface Remove it from the pan and once you remove everything from the pan as you may see it’s a little sticky Don’t worry about it guys. Once you remove everything from the pan and my little daughter look at her little hands I added some flour to the surface and This is the most work that you’re gonna have to do as far as this bread is concerned It’s so simple and easy to make guys if you love what you see. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. It’s Absolutely free. Give the video a big thumbs up and I’m just working it in as I added a little bit more flour to my surface and once I do that, I just Roll it into a ball pretty much like that. It’s simple and easy Just so it won’t stick too much And that’s the main purpose of me rolling it into a ball once I have it roll into a ball I’m gonna put it in my pan again right with some baking sheet and Then I’m gonna leave it there then after I do that I’m pretty much just going to add my sesame seeds now, and these are my roasted sesame seeds now I’m not gonna put a measurement on this so you can put as much as you like on it, but you know I just put a little bit on top and of course you can get the kids involved as well See my daughter there. She loves it. She enjoyed cooking with me as well So this is fun for the kids now while that’s happening my pan was inside of the oven at 450 degrees and it’s pretty hot for about 30 minutes and Then once I remove the top you see I’m wearing my gloves because I don’t want to get burned And I’m gonna just take this my bread after two and a half hours or three hours It’s pretty much up to you and I’m gonna cover it up and I’m gonna put it Inside of the oven for 30 minutes 30 minutes later. This is what the bread looks like You can see those delicious roasted sesame seeds go ahead and give this video a big thumbs up because that bread look so Absolutely Delicious, but I wanted to have a little bit more crisp to it So what I’m gonna do to this as you may see I’m feeling it right now. It feels pretty good But because I want a little bit more crisp to it What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna cover it back up right and then I’m gonna put it in the oven for another 10 minutes and there it is 10 minutes later. This is what it looks like You see the crisp rescript up has a nice crust to it. Absolutely delicious. It sounds so good Look at that nice and soft and moist. Love it. Love it. Love it guys If you loved this video if you enjoyed these type of videos or if you want me to make something specific Please let me know don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. It’s absolutely free. Give the video a big thumbs up I can’t wait to dig into this the kids can’t wait to dig into this the whole family’s gonna love this recipe Look at it. Look at that delicious nest. I love love love love love it simple and easy. Not a lot of work That’s all I have for Maxine’s corner today guys Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel one more time and stay with me. Stay healthy


  1. Maxinescorner Author

    Hello my healthy people, today we are making whole wheat no knead bread. Thanks for your continuous support. Subscribe to the channel for more video. Stay healthy

  2. MyNaturalMyChoice Author

    Hey my friend. The bread looks absolutely delicious! I know the house smells sooooo good. Big Sunday morning thumbs up! Have a blessed day and enjoy the bread.

  3. Diamond76 Home Decor on a Budget Author

    Hi Maxine!!! Your Dutch oven pot is in a beautiful blue color!!! I soo agree Maxine this was so easy to make and so simple!!! I didn’t know that you could just make this in a pot!!! Wow!!! It looks so good Maxine!!! I loved your video Maxine!!! Xoxo Pam ♥️♥️♥️♥️


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