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No Man’s Sky 2.13 Farming, Hotspot, Survey & More Changes Fully Explained | Xaine’s World NMS Beyond

Today in No Man’s Sky Beyond we’ll be going
over the changes that the new patch has brought in to Farming, Teleporters, Surveying and
more as well as how you will have to change your setup to adapt to this. The patch in question is suspected to be 2.13
and is currently in experimental on steam only as it’s BETA testing, I expect a lot
of the issues that have cropped up because of it to be eliminated before going public. So let’s get into it.First off, is the Survey Device, it’s a quick<br /> and simple change, but it is sadly not as good as you are expecting… yet at least. The Patch Note is; Improved the Survey Device to allow players<br /> to select which type of hotspot they would like to search for. Now, this sounds great, but it’s been implemented<br /> poorly. Hotspots are generated on planet surfaces,<br /> the survey device works by showing you the closest hotspot to you at the time and even<br /> tells you how far you are from it. Think of this as a sort of honeycomb-style<br /> thing, but not remotely neat. To envision it, think of each hotspot dotted<br /> around, which has a radius, increase the radius for each spot so they overlap and there are<br /> no gaps between any of them, then flatten the overlapping curves of the radius of each<br /> spot. That gives you the grid. Previously, and still currently on public,<br /> stepping over one of those lines would switch the hotspot you are detecting as you are now<br /> closer to a different one. The change they made allows you to focus on<br /> only a single type of hotspot, being Deep Mineral, Gas Cloud and Electromagnetic. The issue is, it doesn’t always show you the<br /> nearest one. Instead, It will show you the nearest one,<br /> only if you are within 400u of it, so there are huge spaces on all planets where it will<br /> simply say “scanning”. The strange thing is, the system does work,<br /> and will fully show you the nearest one no matter where you are provided that you have<br /> already found and analysed that hotspot, so the system is set up, it is just limited to<br /> 400u of it before you have analysed it. This kind of makes sense in an RP standpoint<br /> as you have to be closer to be able to first discover it, but from a gameplay perspective,<br /> it isn’t much better than before for finding single hotspots and it’s far worse for finding<br /> multiple at the same time as you’d have to keep switching, which for me would almost<br /> double the time it takes me to map an area as I like to go a tad fast. Now, don’t get all up in arms, this is such<br /> an obvious mess up that I’m pretty confident they will fix it before the patch goes public. It shouldn’t be too difficult of a fix either. Next is Short-Range Teleporters. Short-Range Teleporters are now far more limited<br /> than they were before. Previously, any teleporters connected to the<br /> same electrical grid as another would work between them. If there was more than 2 on the same grid,<br /> it would choose one of the options to send you, there was no way to control which one<br /> you went to and saving then reloading could change which one. The way we got around this allowing for more<br /> than one pair of teleporters in a single base was to use multiple separate electrical grids<br /> with only a single pair per grid. A recent build I have been working on, which<br /> this patch has broken a fair bit, utilises 5 separate electrical grids for a total of<br /> 10 teleporters. The change they have implemented which reads; The Short-Range Teleporter now correctly uses<br /> Teleport Cables rather than standard electrical wiring to determine network connectivity. Is both correct and not correct depending<br /> on how you look at it. Teleporters now only work if they are connected<br /> via a single teleporter cable. No kinks are allowed. Thank you btw to Kibbles for pointing this<br /> out, I couldn’t get them to work at all and he had already found it had to be a single<br /> direct connection. This change is far worse than before as the<br /> only possible way to get them to work will make your base look terrible as it will have<br /> to have a single Teleporter Cable phasing through everything till it reaches the other<br /> teleporter. I hope they fix this before it goes public<br /> and if not fix, then revert. My suggestion for how it should work would<br /> be 1 of 2 options. Either, Short-Range Teleporters work by only<br /> allowing travel between one teleporter and another on the same grid-based on which ones<br /> are powered. This would allow for a limitless Short-Range<br /> Teleporter array with the ability to power specific ones to choose where you are going. For example, one Short-Range Teleporter at<br /> 6 different points in your base. Using switches you can easily rig a button<br /> selection system which will power only the one you are in and the one you want to go<br /> to, allowing for selected transport. Or the other option, which has similar functionality,<br /> but fits more with the Teleporter Cable. Both allow the Teleporter cable to work with<br /> kinks and pass-throughs for switches, and either add support for the teleporter cable<br /> on the current switches, or give us a teleporter cable specific inverter. Just that, would be enough to allow us to<br /> make all sorts of complicated or nice and simple Short-Range Teleporter arrays. I’m a small channel, so I don’t expect HG<br /> are watching, but just in case, please consider those options. Next for something lighter, Performance improvements! Yes, I have had many reports now from trusted<br /> interlopers that performance, especially in bases has increased dramatically, frame rates<br /> are up by quite a bit and GPU fans are having a chilled out old time, so nice job there<br /> HG. Another great job is on the wire snapping<br /> points, I can confirm they work fantastically now, even with my huge secret project base,<br /> all wire snap points are showing up every time I check, even allowing for me to gain<br /> a snap point from around 500u away in camera mode. I have also tested the new Refiner fix, this<br /> fix also sounds like it affected other things, like potentially harvesters and the like,<br /> but I have only so far tested Refiners. If you’re not sure what I’m on about, it is<br /> that often, items that you put in refiners and left there, would disappear, gone forever<br /> usually. In my Chlorine Loop Mega-Farm, I have 50 Large<br /> Refiners in one building, while doing this loop, some refiners just lost what was inside<br /> them without me even leaving the building, when looping back round to them, the contents<br /> had gone. I thought this would be the perfect testing<br /> ground, so I filled up every refiner in the building with random items from my inventory,<br /> including S Class Technology Module, general resources and even some high-level food. I then flew away to completely unload the<br /> area and did some low altitude flying to load some other stuff. I went back and checked every refiner, everything<br /> was still perfect and present. This is good enough for me to once again trust<br /> refiners to hold my goods, as I like to have indium, silver and gold set up in one to produce<br /> my chromatic metal, platinum, dust and pure ferrite in another for my magnetised and so<br /> on. And finally, for the hotspot changes and how<br /> this will affect your farms or factories, however you want to call it. First is how they work now. This is that a hotspot has a centre, from<br /> up to 100u from this centre point, which is where you analyse it and so on, it would give<br /> you the full amount that the hotspot produces, which for electromagnetic is 150, 220, 250<br /> and 300 for C, B, a and S class respectively per electromagnetic generator placed within<br /> that 100u or so of the central point. For Gases and Minerals, this was 250, 500,<br /> 750 and 1000 for the C, B, A and S Class hotspots. After the 100u, it would dither out to nothing<br /> at around the 200u mark, these measurements aren’t exactly the same for every hotspot,<br /> but are pretty close. Now, it is a little different. The centre provides almost full density, but<br /> from every hotspot I have checked, never absolutely full, usually 1-3% lower than the maximum<br /> it proclaims, but then dithers out to 0% density from the get-go. Density will now go from the maximum percentage<br /> offered by the hotspot to 0% over the distance of between 180 and 200u from the centre. The distance at least appears to be related<br /> to the class of the spot, the C classes I tested hit 0 within 3 u of 180u from the centre<br /> and the S Classes hit 0% within 3u of 200u. What this means is that you can no longer<br /> count on being within 100u as being good enough, you must put your extractors as close to the<br /> centre of the spot as possible to get the best extraction rate, there are sneaky methods<br /> to get this almost perfect, which I’ll go into shortly. As for the amount that the sites now give,<br /> it has changed. The survey device won’t even tell you the<br /> rate it offers anymore and instead gives you a density percentage. Both the Maximum percentage of the hotspot<br /> as well as the percentage of your current location. Electromagnetic Hotspots have not at all changed<br /> as far as the maximum that each spot produces, but they do also dither off over distance<br /> right away. Gases and Minerals now produce 40% for C Class,<br /> 60% for B, 80% for A and 100% for S. Which after some testing on multiple sites<br /> and backward mathing it up, means C class offer a maximum output of 250, so no change<br /> there, B class offer 375 at max, A-Class offer 500 at max and S Class offer 625 at max. I have not yet tested every possible type. These numbers are 100% correct for Oxygen<br /> and Activated Indium. I will be performing further tests on other<br /> sites, but with data from the files, it appears to confirm that each gas and mineral hotspot<br /> now uses these numbers. To maximise the number of resources extracted<br /> by each unit, you will want to place the units as close to each other as possible. A big thing to recognise is that the radii<br /> of the hotspots are 2D, the zone is more of a cylinder than a sphere, meaning that you<br /> could make a large tower in the central point with each extracting the maximum amount possible. This is very easy for Electromagnetic Generators,<br /> as they can be stacked by default. I have done this myself on a few occasions<br /> purely for aesthetic reasons, I think it looks pretty cool to see a giant glowing tower with<br /> wires stretching across pylons to my base. For the 2 extractors, it is a little more<br /> tricky, but can be done. By default, they do not stack and this makes<br /> sense, but you can glitch build them on top of each other. The Mineral Extractor is super easy to glitch<br /> on top of each other, you simply adjacency glitch from the wire to the extractor on top<br /> of the previous one and hey presto, you got a Mineral Extracting tower of magic. To adjacency glitch, you just position the<br /> item you are glitching from, it needs to be in a green state and you must have the building<br /> supplies for it as well as what you are glitching too. You then press to build and the arrow key<br /> to move to the item you want to build next to it at the same time, it may take a few<br /> tries. The Gas Extractor is far more frustrating<br /> to achieve. You must use what is known as the wire glitch,<br /> this involves green lighting the item you wish to build, then switch to the hot menu<br /> for wires, deleting and colouring, this need to be set to the wire. Then position the wire to the location you<br /> wish the build the item and simultaneously let go of the key for that menu and press<br /> to build. This method can take like 10 minutes to do<br /> a single one, it is frustrating as hell and I dislike it very much. but it does allow us to do things we otherwise<br /> could not, a big nod to Kibbles again for finding that method. If you want to learn more about building and<br /> glitch building, check out this 30 tips guide, it’s long but has a whole lot of information<br /> packed in there. Now, you may be thinking that this is a bit<br /> exploity, and I would agree. Stacking extractors to gain the maximum amount<br /> is an exploit, the game doesn’t naturally allow it and it gives you an advantage. But, I would personally say this is a grey<br /> area dependant on your intentions, it is whether you are doing it for the aesthetic, or purely<br /> for the extra gain. Though that is my personal opinion on the<br /> matter, we all draw our own line for what is too far and what is not, and provided what<br /> we do doesn’t negatively affect another player, there is no issue. I think that pretty much covers everything,<br /> if there is anything else from this new patch you wish for me to investigate or shed some<br /> light on, let me know in the comments. Be sure to subscribe and hit the notification<br /> bell to ensure you stay in the loop with the latest No Man’s Sky news and guides. And consider checking out our Discord, the<br /> website, Patreon and merch store all linked in the pinned comment. Have an awesome day folks!


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  2. Dave King Author

    More great content. I had no idea about some of this stuff, so thanks mate. Good to see your recent bout of man grooming hasn’t sapped your powers……

  3. slader 1126 Author

    I like it where it only shows you the hotspot your closest to it makes you have to run around for hours seraching for what you need which gives you somthing to do lol once I find either a electric or mineral deposit I eant tuen i have to search in every direction hoping to find the other idk i think it makes thing intresting. And on my gsme now it never just says scanning there is always a hot spot of some sort soon as you get far enough away from the 1 your currently scanning. Its almost never the 1 your looking for lol but. I have never had it just say scanning they must have fixed that before releasing the patch. I also cant switch between what resource I want to look for its just random I have tried but I doesn't change in between resource types

  4. SleekStratos Author

    When building a solar panel and battery array is simpler than looking for a proper EM hotspot.

    Oh well I do like the way the solar panels all open up in the morning.

  5. slader 1126 Author

    They must have fixed teleporters before the patch went public also because I dont have any problem I can hide my cables by running them deep underground then over to where I need it then back underground then to the next teleporter without any problems. But it does suck you cant have more than 2 teleporters per base or 1 pair lol. I also think teleporters should work anywhere in that system not just a base area that way you can teleport between planets or at the very least anywhere on the planet your on not a base area a base area is small enough to just run lol its moving across the planet. With a teleporter that would be nice .

  6. agnichatian Author

    Nice vid,but what is the point of having so many resources ? My net worth is already a billion and I have enough dough to have any ships that I've seen. And all that without mining any gas.

  7. Grégory Bastogne Author

    Hopefully the Autonomous Mining Unit will be fixed too? That thing has the worst bugs I've ever seen.
    First it has the same issue as the refiners and such and was not keeping the contents of its own mining. So basically if you start them and leave your base for a few minutes you basically wasted some carbon or oxygen.
    And then there is the proximity bug. Very annoying one. Imagine you've got two deposits of different kinds close to each other and you placed units on them. When a unit has finished its mining and you go to empty it almost every single time if you take everything out of it it will switch its output type to the resource type of the other deposit.
    If you do that accidentally or sometime when you only left it and its content is gone (in which case it will have switched type automatically) the only option you have is to deconstruct it and rebuild it.
    The only possibilities to avoid this problem were either to A: leave some in it when you grab the contents, or B: grab the contents while its still active and wait for it to mine some more.
    That is a really frustrating bug.

  8. Rusty's No Man's Sky Channel Author

    Ran into a 'can not build more' message when planting my farm this morning. What was odd was that deconstructing some of the major items in the area didn't do anything to back out that situation. Did a full power down of my consol when I was done this morning, and will see if I can plant more when I go online this evening, but I've been considering doing a minimalist normal mode save anyway, but if I can't build my base any more, that's all the greater reason to do that.

    One thing I've noticed with the ability to pick up slots on the anomaly, It is much harder to get all of the glyphs while picking up the slots. I have been able to pick up (I think) 12 of the glyphs when filling out my suit. I'll admit that art of that may be that I picked up 10 drop pod coordinate modules at one point and was using those on planets where I was picking up glyphs, so I might have missed hitting 5 system space stations, but that wouldn't have been enough to meet the needed travelers to get glyphs from graves. It feels like the travelers are showing up in something like 1 in 5 space stations. Useful when you don't have the anomaly available to pick up a second slot per system, but a bit of an issue when you're hitting half as many systems.

  9. Oboromusha Author

    so instead of fixing stairs going through circular rooms in between circular foundations, they now have teleporters. That's fine by me, but teleporters need a better system than this.

  10. Snafu Author

    Umm.. your commentary STM to be getting faster again, poss approaching 'gabble' status towards the end; something to watch out for in future? 😉

    Anyway, great vid as usual – v informative. I hope HG can release the fully-formed patch this week (I'm still on build 52447 .. I think that's correct)

    Incidentally, is there an easy way to check the buld number in-game other than exiting to the 'mode select' screen (where it's tiny BR corner), or externally as txt in the game executable or saves folder? I can't find one & it would be a v useful addition for easy modfixers etc IMO.. if HG are listening please add something like this (eg in 'options'). A txt file (in the game install folder) with the latest patch notes relevant to the currently installed build would also be useful, but not critical ATM

  11. TVD- The Remedy Author

    Dude, even if you only had TWO subscribers, HG would be insane to not keep tabs on your channel. All of the work you’ve done to contribute to their game/community is legendary.

  12. Loztsoul2 Author

    You have been my favorite nms channel for awhile and to me you transcend "small channel". The community really needs your channel on their radar.

  13. Cam Botherway Author

    Is anyone else having a problem with their freighter layout reverting to default, rather than containing the "base" modifications they've applied to it?

  14. Mark Douglas Author

    I got a problem that when I teleport back to my home base from a planet or space station I arrive at my base claiming do-dad and not in my base where I have my teleporter installed. So I had to make a small teleporter to get to the actual base. I've deleted the teleporter and moved it but it does no good. Hope that makes sense.

  15. Angelo Outlaw Author

    This power build to light bases sucks they should have left that alone even the landing pads are dark on planet bases it was really good the way it was before I don’t have as much fun building bases as I did before they added those power items.

  16. BlazinPhoenix82 Author

    Someone posted on Reddit about being able to build industrial items on a wire. This works both horizontally and vertically pre 2.13. Hopefully it still works after as it’s a much simpler method at the moment as opposed to adjacency or wire glitching.

  17. Erik Bakstad Author

    As informative as always thank you!
    What I wish for is HG really dig into the build bugs and glitches and fix/ improve code for later updates.

    We shouldn't be learning glitch build to get the things done really.
    Just some irritating bugs as it will not set a wall next to the other without building around it and then remove the temporarily ones.

    Again thank you for your effort 😁👍

  18. Checo Beeper Author

    Another excellent video. Thank you. BTW do you ever get the bug where an auto mining unit is either empty or has the wrong element in it upon checking? Rebuilding the unit can prevent this, but it still happens if you relog sometimes. Is this fixed with the new patch or … any ideas? Cheers.

  19. Jason Thorpe Author

    Excellent video shame about the teleports, I would prefer them just to work like wires. I could live with that but single point to point wire doesn't seem how a teleporter would work.

  20. captscarlet2654 Author

    Wouldn't a better way to work the teleporters is allow us to name them, then have a menu appear to ask what pod we want to go to? Like name all the pods by floor: Floor 1, Floor 2, etc. Then the menu pops up when you step into the pod to ask what pod you want to go to. As long as all the pods are connected together (and why have 2 cables, power and "data" why not simply 1 cable…that does both? Don't they have USB in NMS?) then you can select any that are connected.


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