North America- Natural Resources

North America natural resources North America is richer than any other continent in natural resources this has made US and Canada two of the most advanced and modern countries in the world North America is very rich in minerals especially fossil fuels and metallic minerals which form the base of modern industry coal is an important source of power and a crucial raw material in the manufacture of Steel North America has huge reserves of coal and about 20% of the world's coal is mined in Pennsylvania USA petroleum is an important source of power it is the only fuel that is used by modern means of transportation it also provides the raw material in the manufacture of lubricants Vaseline soap and many other products the major reserves of petroleum in North America are seen in a broad arc from Alaska to Texas in USA it is also found in Canada and Mexico USA is the third largest producer of petroleum in the world USA is the second largest producer of iron ore after Russia iron ore and coal are very important for the steel industry which founds the basis for industrial growth large deposits of iron ore are found in the area around Lake Superior and in the eastern part of the Canadian Shield iron is also found in the southern Appalachians the United States is the largest producer of copper in the world it is used in the manufacture of copper wires and is mined extensively around the Great Lakes and the Rocky Mountains Mexico is the world's largest producer of silver besides being used to make jewelry for thousands of years today silver is also used in the photographic industry large deposits of silver are found in USA and Canada Canada and the United States produce substantial amounts of gold which is mined in the Rocky Mountains Canada produces about 90% of the world's nickel Canada is also the largest producer of asbestos zinc and platinum and the second largest producer of cobalt uranium and radium the United States is the world's largest producer of uranium and sulfur the coniferous forests in northern Canada Western Kajal Arras and the Appalachians provide softwood timber wood from the pine spruce willow Beach and the oak trees is used to make furniture the pine and spruce trees provide wood ball for the paper industry as well as raw material for the synthetic fiber industry of Canada and USA buying trees also provide resin and turpentine oil sickle trees in British Honduras provide chewing gum the tropical forests provide a significant amount of timber for the manufacture of furniture and new spring despite being cut down to provide land for human settlement and cultivation in the past decade forests provide occupations to millions of people in USA and Canada in the lumbering paper rayon and other related industries Mexico and countries of Central America have tropical forests mahogany log wood and saidar are important trees of the tropical forests these are called hardwood trees although only 10% of the land is under cultivation North America is a surplice food producer extensive agriculture is practice in Canada and USA in case of witch farms are large covering hundreds of hectares tractors harvesters and other machines are used for plying and other work on the farm with the help of scientific methods of cultivation and widespread use of fertilizers North America is the world's largest producer of maize wheat and soybeans wheat a natural grass improved by man over the centuries grows well in the temperate grasslands of the world it is grown extensively in the prairies of North America where the soil is quite fertile and deep hence North America is the largest producer of wheat maize also known as corn is the original food crop of North America and the main staple food grain in Mexico most of the maize is used for cattle and pigs it is grown in large quantities in the southern prairies as it requires a warm climate and frequent showers in summer North America produces more than half of the total maize produced in the world barley and oats are temperate crops which can stand more cold and need less water Bali's used to make beer in large quantities while oats are used as cattle fodder cotton grows well in the Mississippi Basin south of the prairies as well as in Mexico the warm summers with frequent rainfall and fertile soil provides suitable conditions for growing cotton North America is the largest producer of cotton in the world and also produces the superior long staple variety tobacco is cultivated in southern USA and Cuba but some of the best varieties are grown in North America sugarcane is cultivated in the south along the Gulf of Mexico parts of Central America and the West Indies Cuba known as the Sugar Bowl of the world is the world's largest exporter of sugar soy bean is an important crop that is grown in the same areas as maize in North America edible oil is extracted from the beans with the help of heavy machines potatoes and sugar beet are grown in many areas of the prairies sugar beet is used for making sugar both the crops are used to feed cattle and bakes just like sugarcane rice is also cultivated in the southern parts of North America along the Gulf of Mexico Central America and West Indies USA exports large quantities of rice since the population is relatively small and rice is not the staple food here fruits are cultivated in California around the Great Lakes and the st. Lawrence Valley cattle-rearing is carried on a commercial scale in the drier parts of the prairies in the southwestern parts of the United States with the use of scientific methods and modern technology vast herds of cattle and sheep are kept on large ranches cattle rearing has now become one of the most popular industries in the country considering its usefulness as well as revenue cattle are bred to grow quickly and yield large quantities of meat when the animals are 5 to 12 months old they are sent to feed Lots there they are kept in pens and fed grain and vitamin supplements until they reach market size North America is the largest producer of meat with about 1/4 of the world's production dairy farming is an important industry for USA and Canada the Gary belt extends from the cooler and humid parts of the prairies through the Great Lakes area to the North East region along the Atlantic coast milk cheese and butter are the chief products North America produces about 25% of the world's total milk and dairy products phishing is developed on a commercial scale in the seas around the continent grand banks one of the world's finest fishing grounds is located off the island of Newfoundland in Canada it has an extensive continental shelf making the water shallow enough for the sunlight to reach the bottom here the cold Labrador Current from the north meets the warm Gulf Stream from the south the mixing of gold and warm waters provides suitable conditions for fish to thrive the cold Labrador Current also brings plenty of plankton which provides food for fish cod is the main catch of the Grand Banks halibut herring and mackerel are some of the fish caught along the Atlantic coast salmon is the main fish of the Pacific Coast North America is rich in water resources except the desert regions of USA and Mexico hydroelectricity is generated at the Niagara Falls in Canada and USA along the eastern Appalachians st. Lawrence and the rivers of the Canadian Shield North America is now the largest producer of hydro electricity the Tennessee Valley Authority of the Tennessee River in the United States is the first example of a multi-purpose project that is it is meant to serve many purposes such as irrigation hydro electricity flood control and navigation simultaneously you you


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