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NTIOKAM Divine CTA Knowledge Mgt Team Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network-CSAYN

So, you have to realise it is about a lot of things in the whole value-chain. So, a young person will actually feel that agriculture is meant for those who are old. Those that are uneducated. But I want them to hear that there are a lot of opportunities. If you did e.g. accounting, you can look at the aspect of marketing. If you did ICT, you can look at the aspect of ICT for Development in agriculture. and you can own your enterprise and another person who perhaps is in education can always look at one of the places in the value-chain If you did accounting, you can work at the level of the bank and be the person who can mobilize resources for the enterprise to move on. And then when we look at the CSA it actually has 3 components Mitigating, Adapting and Iimproving our Food Security So how do we do this Young people, they could say, ok right now, it doesn’t mean because there is poverty How do we do to …. A young person can say, ok, I will be planting trees to mitigate climate change. or to adapt to climate change. and that is the equally we are going to give him… and most of the trees we recommend is food trees because if you plant a mango tree, I’m sure at the end of the day, I’m going to have some mango’s to sell on the market. And actually additionally, climate smart agriculture creates an opportunity for us as a market, So those are some of the huge expectations I have for this forum.

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