Offshore Submersible Cage – Aquaculture Technology Innovation by Aquatec (2018)

Welcome to Lingshui, one of the aquaculture center of southeast China in the province of Hainan This is an Aquatec submersible cage a cage that can be submerged underwater to avoid typhoons and bad weather conditions. In Hainan, typhoon is a big problem. It comes between the months of July and October with sea waves reaching up to 11 meters high wrecking cages and killing farmed fish. This is why we create the submersible cage. When submerged, the submersible cage is completely unaffected by the weather happening above. It is the only solution to the typhoon season. Aquatec submersible cage is very simple to assemble. It is assembled just like an ordinary sea cage. It takes just a few days to assemble, and can be assembled by any experienced sea cage technician. Aquatec submersible cage can be placed anywhere on the sea, even where typhoon hits the hardest. The net is then placed inside the cage. For net, Aquatec offers knotless net made using UHMWPE, which is stronger than steel. Aquatec is the fastest operating submersible cage in the world. It takes less than 5 minutes to open the valves and begin the submerging process. After the initial opening of valves, the cage will submerge by itself, enabling the technicians to move on to another cage. This way, fish farmers can do parallel submerging of multiple cages for a quick response to the coming typhoon. Submerging can be done by 2, or even 1 experienced technician. Aquatec submersible cage is submerged 10-15meters underwater, enough to avoid typhoon and up to 11meters wave. It only takes 5 minutes to refloat the submersible cage to the surface with adequate compressor and tank capacity. The first phase of refloating process brings the submersible cage to the surface. The second phase completely floats the upper net frame. Using the same system, net can be brought to the surface for easy cleaning. Using Aquatec submersible cage, your fish are safe, even in the typhoon season. Aquatec, your aquaculture solution.

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