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#OnAssignment: Smart Farming with Chef José Andrés, Secretary Hillary Clinton, and President Clinton

Welcome, buenos días, welcome to Las Piedras. It’s definitely a great honor having you on our farm. This young couple is committed to sustainable, healthy, and productive farming on a little bit of land to grow crops and take care of them. And we’re learning how, I think, how more and more young people will be drawn to farming in this new era. And how they’ll do it and how they’ll be able to feed the world. More than 85% of the food Puerto Rico eats, comes from overseas. And little farms like this show us the way for Puerto Rico being food independent. So Plow to Plate is this initiative at World Central Kitchen that after Hurricane Maria, we saw that Puerto Rico needed to make sure that the vast majority of the food they consume will be produced locally. This particular farm really is a model. And what I was impressed by is not only the dedication of these two young people, who are making it their mission, but they way they’re integrating technology the way they are reusing. You’ve got rebars, you’ve got old computer chords, you’ve got things that people otherwise would just throw away are being used to help create the best conditions for growing crops. There’s no other sector in society like agriculture that you can have a positive impact. In the economic sector, in the health sector, and we are in the point in history where we have all these tools, and we need to empower young peoples to bring these new tools into agriculture. It’s rare that you can save the environment, create more economic opportunity, and lower the cost of food. You could do all that at the same time if we had more people like them. Oy Bruno!

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