1. Kenneth Stensrud

    The technique is just fabulous, but the design is boring, adding those dots around made it even worse in my opinion. I would have like five flowers in different stages of their development during a roses life cycle……… But then again, this could be a 'traditional' pattern somewhere……….

  2. creativecompanion

    A painting teacher once taught me- if you are right handed put most of your painting materials to your right- especially your paint and water. You will save wear and tear on your shoulder and save yourself from that occasional drop of water or paint in a place you had not intended it. Sometimes it takes a while to form the habit, our bodies hold up longer so we can paint longer!

  3. CFP Crazy-Fandom-Police

    There is a pottery store were you can paint pottery and keep it…..now I want to do a plate for THIS and the place will do the fire for you and will give you it after a week because lots of people Arne there so it will be a wile till your goes into the fire

  4. Raimund Hirsch

    SO BEAUTIFUL!!! it animates me to practice painting again 😀
    at what temperature you fire?
    do you sell these colours? or where can I get them otherwise from?


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