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Online Learning with the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

I was hesitant to go back for a master’s
degree I did four years of a bachelor’s degree I never thought I would go back
for a master’s I never thought I’d have a reason to but the online degree
program having that available for this option and being able to work while I do
that was a really big selling point for me I work with the OSU Extension
publications to you and I work a lot with the Learning Lab kids that are the
hands-on activities that we distribute and they use those a lot in the counties
for judging’s and skill athon to test kids knowledge on their projects mostly
animal science learning lab kits really started in Ohio I know there’s different
versions that some states abused to help gauge the education of foragers but Ohio
has really pioneered that and we’ve turned it into something that we can
reproduce on a regular basis and distribute across the country I went to
school for agricultural communications and I had this idea that I was gonna
branch out and try all these different things and I always thought that I
wanted to come back to 4h in some way I didn’t know how that was going to happen
and I always had the idea that it would be fun to be a 4-h Extension educator in
the counties so that kind of led me to the master’s program because that’s how
I was going to get more resources and more experience in the field to be able
to really experience and qualified 4-H educator in the future. I think the
most important part of the program for me so far has been really diving into
learning about program planning and development and learning how to
communicate better with adolescents and how to approach different issues that
may come up the degree program is really amazing for me because it’s gonna
help me directly with what I want to do in the future so anyone that is even
moderately interested in the realm of agriculture extension and education and
4-H I think it’s really beneficial program because it’s I feel it’s really
well-balanced and I think it’s really beneficial for anyone who wants to be in
this field to help further their understanding of the programs and all
the work that goes into it

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