Online Video Show Review of Gtex 2016 Textile Machinery Brand Exhibition in Pakistan

bismillah rahmani raheem my name is petit Siddiqui I am the CEO of global enterprise the organizer of gtex international b2b textile machinery brand Expo we are organizing this exhibition for the first time we have received tremendous response from our exhibitors and it has been possible only because of the confidence they had on us do tax exhibition joy at exile machinery key one of the largest exhibition of ta Pakistan key jito external sandwich town Mujeeb Sabbath is Mahatma know create too short this time Jamie enemy phone on anything body exhibition carrier the dismembered hot campaign of Bertha of international under who the exhibition ki duniya it was me her brand go forever in my hands and I emerge me as and I January Mahajan I lose my opnion covered karna apirana participate karna yet wahed menna Telecom Italia pretty cushy kg 2x global enterprises name is kuba of Netaji Abba Omaha retract a way is bodhichitta Rika Zakia our exhibitors are from around 37 countries like Spain Germany France Korea Taiwan Italy China there are around 670 international brands in this exhibition and more than 235 exhibitors this is being organized in five halls of karate Expo Center as we have organized this exhibition in a very short span we have also received the emerging brand of the Year award I think textile industry in Pakistan is most important industries and then the machinery is important from various countries including Japan and I saw some machinery from Japan and these advanced machinery will contribute to the more good quality the textiles of Pakistan in good quality so that export of textile products will be further promoted and then exported to the world not only of course in the domestic market but also into the world around 350 foreign delegates are here and they are very much satisfied by our services they are getting tremendous response by visitors coming all across from Pakistan they I visited this exhibition which is truly amazing I was told it was organized in just about six months and to manage all that and to assemble that many exhibitors and companies from all around the world is really an amazing job it was a pleasure to have been here and to have the chance to talk to some of the companies and exhibitors of course especially the German ones which I'm happy are here in quite some numbers and I wish you all the best for next year the exhibition's to come and we hope to bring in more German companies in the future and how happy to assist in three days we are expecting around 30,000 b2b visitors yes this is of international beautiful textile machinery brand Expo we invite all new exhibitors from countries around the world to come and have a chance to boost up their business we are also organizing this event in Lahore we would also like to mention and thank the exhibitors TV network that they are our media partner people watch around the world in more than 190 countries we are very thankful to all our exhibitors we think that next year it would be much better and mega event

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