1. Noname Noname Author

    So.. its a plant? It grows from the soil? God given?
    Can I make every weed junkie slam some heavy opioids down their veins now, based on the same arguments they are using to promote weed smoking?
    Wtf is this video doing here? Why are there no decent frames with the lovely faces of those shirted professors illustrating the process?

  2. gardensofthegods Author

    I don't know.. this guy here is saying that poppy seeds don't contain any drugs but I am paranoid to eat ANYTHING ..lemon cakes or any products with poppy seeds because I'm worried it will show up in a drug test

  3. The Perfect Stranger Author

    I’m Mexican and opium may be legal soon for medical purposes but I can’t find good information about the growing and harvest of the plant. Can you recommend me any literature of how to grow it?

  4. Angler Andy Author

    If they cut the stem low and turned plant upside down first would they get more sap from pods? Or does the plant need to stay alive and growing

  5. Amun Ra Author

    "In 1,000 sq ft of land, 7kg of raw opium is obtained" If that's true, growing poppies in a single 100 sq ft bedroom would make you about $25,000 worth of opium. I feel like that's not accurate.

  6. Ab Aha Author

    You know? Opium is a substance that is illegal to use in the UK, but the government allow hospitals to induce the same material in patients in pain? This equates to a hypocritical government

  7. Ab Aha Author

    It's a pretty flower and it is not always used for what they believe it is used for, I would only use it as a last resort, my wife should be administered the drug morphine but she refused, but the stage of where she needs to use it is coming, it should not be illegal to grow these poppies in the UK

  8. Andrew Sparacio Author

    I like to grow many of them together sometimes and not space them out, in this way, they grow smaller, thicker, and bushier with many, many bulbs. Allah Bless, Guide, And Protect Our Crops.

  9. Robert May Author

    If you buy poppy seeds, whether they be washed out
    for domestic cooking consumption, or whether they be
    not washed out –will they produce opium poppy plants ?
    Or do you have to buy special opium producing seeds ?
    Does anybody know the answer to this question ? – if
    you do, please reply — many thanks 🙂
    Also can the poppy be grown in North American climate ?

  10. rationalguy Author

    Certain poppy strains are illegal to possess in the USA. This is ridiculous, as we only grow them for their beauty. It is much easier for addicts to get the synthetic opiates pushed by big pharma, the legal corporate drug pushers/profiteers, who are sponsored by their lapdog Republican congesspersons.

  11. Kuda Part Author

    I hate Indians sound. Beacuse they too much dramatic. Indians 90% are fraud & rapisest.

    What a joke that indian burger said opium haverst is ( ART ) Ha ha ha

  12. Joe Smoe Author

    I have poppies growing in my back garden, i'm a little bit new to this, but if I cut the poppy like shown in this video and then harvest the white milky latex, can I then just smoke the milk when it dries out??

  13. Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr. Author

    Why would you want to work so hard doing this? Why not just let the whole pod soak to extract every bit of opium out of it? You people are doing it the hard way!

  14. Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr. Author

    1000 sq. ft. or 32 ft. X 32 ft growing area will grow 7 grams, that is bullshit, has to be more than that. Notice when they scrape that one poppy pod, there is 7 grams right there!

  15. David s Lefort Author

    Lots of people who have eaten the poppy seeds bagel or anything else made with poppy seed when they are drug screened opium is detected so no it's well known for people who are extensively drug screened are told not to eat any food with poppy seeds cause you will be in trouble cause it is shown in drug test lots of people who eating the poppy seed lost their jobs cause of that


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