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ORCA BABY Ula: Update zur Entwicklung im LORO PARQUE 😍 |

Hello, today we visit Loro Parque. Hi, my name is Eric Bogden and I am the new director of Orca Ocean. My experience goes back 33 years working with marine mammals and I started working with killer whales about 1987 in SeaWorld in San Diego, California. So, now that I’m here I’m enjoying myself and a new group of animals and one of the touching moments is: I was a primary trainer of an animal, or killer whale, named Kasatka and Kasatka had a baby named Takara and Takara had a baby named Kohana and Kohana had a baby named Adán. Right now, I’m working with the great-grandson of one of my favorite animals that I’ve ever worked with. So, from great-grandmother to great- grandson – pretty exciting to be for four generations working with them, seeing the similarities of the family – very exciting. So, today’s an exciting day, too – we’ve been reintroducing some of the whales to each other in a so positive way and it’s really fun to watch the different characteristics of the animals. For example, we brought Adán in a group with Ula for the first time and he was very excited and chasing her around but then the older females chased Adán almost like saying: “Hey, you have to respect this little baby.” So, it’s going really well and probably in a matter of a month we’ll have the pod all together and swimming together socially. So, we’re in a pretty exciting time here for Orca Ocean today. Over the past few months, Ula that has done extremely well. We were just as early as four months ago still coming in late at night and giving her her bottle and now she’s slowly being weaned unto fish and she’s eating a lot more fish than drinking her formula right now. One by one she’s been introduced to the other animals and now she’s actually part of this social group and it’s amazing. She’s coming to be one year old and at one year old she really knows who her trainers are, has a great relationship with them, and sometimes when we call her and the group, Ula is the first one to show up. So, she’s really excited to have the interaction with us trainers. Over the career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with several baby orcas, which is an extreme pleasure. The development of a relationship with a baby orca happens so quickly because they see trainers really from the moment they’re born and if I compare Ula with some of the other killer whales that I’ve work with, she’s doing wonderfully, really is excited to be with their trainers, responding really good, we’re able to move her around the facility and she follows us anywhere. So, she’s doing a really good job being a baby orca. One of the games that Ula likes to play is – probably you’ll see it today: she’ll slide up onto her mother’s back and it’s quite funny because she’s getting quite big now and Morgan will be swimming and then Ula would just come from the deep water and slide right up onto her back with her belly and rub and rub on her mum, so, is quite interesting to see. Well, Ula’s having an exciting time right now and the next month is still going to be exciting for her because we plan to introduce her to the large male killer whales. So, we have Keto and Tekoa and over the next months, she’ll learn how to swim with them and become friends with them. Obviously, they see each other, you know, through the facility right now but they’ll actually be touching one another. So, probably, the next month we’re gonna have all seven animals together and Ula’s gonna be a big part of that and that’s when she’ll make her show debut as well. She’s fun and exciting when she’s out at stage right now and we’ll have a special sequence for her, I imagine. Subscribe to our channel in order to never miss a new video. As well, take a look at our playlists to find out more about orcas.

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