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“Organic Farming Story: Health Problems”_ ♥ Alchemy Talks, India

Hi Food is Medicine is saying But Medicine in Food is Alarm It seems that People are behind Medicines for each and every disease So what is the background I asked a organic Farmer His answers are as follows From child,interested in nature If we add chemicals earth spoils First we did organic for home then added to welfare of others Good food for the society We are doing fully organic For human life, Food is basic Food is actually Necessity In Olden days, food was natural As time passed by & for reasons like population and food demand Green Revolution was introduced Government recommened chemicals and increased yield in crops The sideeffect is that Yield increased but Nature of Earth Compost level decreased and became infertile Infertile means Natural Soil Duty is to provide Food to all Earth provided food naturally But to increase yield so much chemicals were added Earth soil got spoiled Thus food produced corrupted Eating this chemical food It became root of all disease Chemical could be used less Government at first recommended Use of 75% Natural manure Use of 25% Chemicals When applied to crops But farmers what they did To reduce human effort due to laziness used 75% as chemicals 25% as natural manure When natural manure needs more effort To reduce those efforts they applied more chemicals Now soil nature is changed As soil changed Food from soil nature changed As we eat such food There are uncountable disease Each person might have 100s of disease and more No person without any disease is the situation today As disease evolves, the reason for the disease is not looked To Cure new medicines are born Science has turned opposite The root cause of disease is Food applied with chemicals Food we eat determines our body Even though we knew Importance is not given to food What food gives what nutrition is the most important question Directly we are eating chemical and food with chemicals Immunity is reduced drastically Treatment for disease causes loss of immunity A medicine for one disease cures that disease but creates another new disease Then we treat for new disease That new disease gets cured again another one pops up This goes so on and on Once we go to hospital This loop goes on and on If we ask doctor that we are coming treatment For so many days Still disease has not subsied If we ask question to doctor All these are like this Life long one needs to eat Sugar,eat medicine till death Bp,Eat tablets continuously If you stop,danger for life doctors make us live in fear But in olden days If disease, they give medicine Known as Siddha medicine Siddha means Herbal medicine If we eat siddha It goes to basic for curing That is the root of the disease And cure the root was done Once a treatment is done Life long he wont get again until death the same disease That was traditional system Now invention is temporal If its fine for few days Then again it will come one day So,if you like this information Give a Like And what steps you take towards finding organic food Give a comment about it Happiness! Alchemy Talks

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