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Organic Kiwi Fruit Powder – How Actazin Green Kiwi Powder Works!

Everyone has their daily routine. But some people are more routine than others. Irregular bowel habits can be a problem
at any age. Adults who aren’t going often enough can feel bloated, sluggish and a bit off-color. Irregular bowel habits can take the spring out of your step. Children with irregular bowel habits can
get a saw tummy and feel nauseous. You’d be surprised how many kids aren’t doing
number twos often enough. Now there’s an easy way to improve bowel regularity. A daily dose of Actazin is a convenient supplement. With Actazin, your daily routine
becomes more reliable. You feel better and more energized. Actazin is a natural fruit powder made from non-GMO New Zealand Zespri kiwi fruit. It has several bio-active components that work together to gently and effectively improve bowel function. There’s the kiwi fruit unique enzyme, actinidin, which breaks down proteins and helps to reduce bloating and abdominal discomfort by increasing the rate the stomach empties. Actazin also contains polyphenolics, which have a wide range of health benefits, such as reducing inflammation. There’s soluble and insoluble fibre, to increase water retention and bulk to produce bigger, softer stools. Kiwi fruit fibre is able to swell, reaching more than three times its original volume. The swelling capacity of kiwifruit fibre is 12 times higher than wheat bran, more than six times higher than apple fiber and one and a half times higher than psyllium. What’s more, its water retention capacity is about twice that of apple fibre and four times greater than wheat bran. The Kiwifruit fibre in Actazin also acts as a prebiotic, to feed the good bacteria in the gut,
allowing them to multiply and produce beneficial short chain fatty acids. And because it comes from nutrient-dense green kiwifruit, Actazin also contains high levels of vitamins C and E. These vitamins have an anti-inflammatory effect that may improve the gut’s ability to keep things moving, a process that’s often slowed by inflammation. The effects of Actazin on bowel regularity have been proven in a clinical study. The study showed that taking Actazin led to most people having nearly 20% more bowel movements. When you first start taking Actazin, a high dose gets systems working smoothly again. Then you can reduce to a lower dose, for daily maintenance. Actazin every day, keeps irregularity away. You’ll find Actazin in a range of supplement and probiotic products. Always check the label to make sure you’re getting genuine Actazin. Actazin For daily bowel maintenance.

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