1. beautifulcrazy

    Cuba must continue to farm organically. This is important to the progress of the country. Yes, organic food should be cheaper worldwide, because no chemicals are used, Here in South Africa, we pay 3 x the price for organic food. This has to stop. Our government, however, has no will to enforce organic farming, and in that way bring prices down. We have to outlaw the importation or manufacture of chemicals in South Africa. Our land is being contaminated. This is not rocket science. South Africa used to produce the most nutritious beautiful food in abundance during the years of isolation. Now that we are able to export almost all the agricultural produce to the world, we have since the late 80's started going the US way by using harmful chemicals, feeding livestock GMO feed and it's all about the bottom-line and not about the quality. It is a disgrace that the local market gets the worst agricultural produce and the best, albeit GMO'd, gets exported. I urge every South African to boycott GMO produce and insist on organic food, Plant gardens on your plot of land, no matter how small. If every one of us plants organic food just to become self-sufficient, for our households, then we will be sending a serious message to government and farmers. 54million people must revolutionise the health system this way.

  2. Cubanos seguir plantando así y no cambies por que es más sano y no dependeis de los Yankees a los que nunca hay que fiarse.
    Obama quita parte del embargo y luego Trump los vuelve a poner.
    No quitarán el embargo hasta asegurarse de que seréis los esclavos del Demonico Imperialis Yankeed.
    Luego os quitarán el petroleo que está alrededor de Cuba.

  3. Jerri Croft

    Any of you folks think Cuba is great, move there. Cuba will be glad to have you. Meanwhile we can't keep people out of the USA. Everybody hates us but everybody wants in. Kinda weird don't you think

  4. Kim Nenninger

    Very smart! I am trying to grow my own also but I am doing very poorly. I am not giving up but I am disappointed with my results so far.

  5. Artur Bychkov

    Its interesting how 30% of the Cuban working population now works in cooperative businesses. In fact those cooperatives are run by the workers. So instead of having lots of private businesses like in the US, Cuba decided to go a different direction and I think it is working well for Cuba.

  6. Pran Gos

    Cuba can be a destination of healthcare for US citizens. Instead of costly and profit driven bloodsucking hospitals of US, Cuba doctors and hospitals can do far better treatment at a cheaper cost as they are doing for their own citizens. Though I should say that they shouldn't be that generous for people who were able to pay more, because it's a matter of economy and the foreign currency earned can improve the countries health overall.

  7. Zac Jones

    People don't realize that it takes 50,000 pounds of cow manure to fertilize one acre of most vegetables. This would be equal to two fully loaded dump truck loads per acre. I have yet to see the first manure spreader in any videos of Cuban agriculture. To feed cities of people it also takes way more land under cultivation than what these little patches can produce even with the worlds best possible yields. Yet it only takes 200 lbs of garden variety chemical fertilizer to fertilize this same acre. While Cuba hasn't had ties to the US it has kept good relations with most of south America and thereby a easy source for fertilizers and pesticides. Cuba would also like the rest of the world depend on rural communities to produce the majority of the food, I can guarantee that these rural acres are using the worlds worst chemicals as crop protectants as do most third world countries especially those under dictatorships, like mercury based chemicals we outlawed years ago.

  8. Zac Jones

    PROPAGANDA…there is no freedom of speech in CUBA. America normalizing relationions did nothing to change the laws and methods of control this country uses. Just like in China I guarantee that journalist can't take a poop without an escort and a very detailed list of reasons for wanting to take that poop.

    As a organic farmer I would take Israeli farming over this any day. Not to say that their isn't anything to learn here, a wise man learns from everything. However, not all is as it is stated.

  9. Denise Ward

    Chemically-grown produce should be more expensive because you're using chemicals, another resource. But in the US the chemicals are subsidized so that makes "conventional" chemical farming cheaper, which is convoluted and idiotic. Thank you Cuba. I bet you will be bringing up a healthier population than we will. You obviously care about your children's future. Please Cuba, don't get suckered into going chemical, now that the US is talking to you. Be very wary of the chemical companies. You did it organically, and you have inspired the world.

  10. Jolly Swagman

    If the cubans get hold of the symbiosis of fish farming and fruit and vegetable growth that is Aquaponics  watch out world………
    They are light years ahead of the industrialised world IN URBAN Farming ….all due to the breakdown of the Soviet Union in the 1990's

  11. Beeper Man

    I would suggest to all who think this is a glorious workers paradise. Move to Cuba and partake in the glories of communism. Funny, I don't see hordes of people trying to get into Cuba. But I do see people desperate enough to risk their lives in little leaky boat to escape that place.

  12. Amilcare Barca

    Often social democracy degenerate like a pure capitalism system, for this only socialism society is an assurance of freedom, equality and real democracy for all people

  13. therese engels

    I am looking for a contact to the production company because I need some filmfootage of the organoponicos! the website is not existing any more…who can help out?


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