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Ørsted U.S. Offshore Wind CEO on potential delays in wind farm rollout

Amy Harder: You have this really unclear review
happening at the federal government. You have a president who doesn’t like wind.
You have support generally speaking from people like Senator Whitehouse, but
they’re even a little bit shaky. I mean what happens if you just
can’t move forward? Thomas Brostrom: I think there’s tremendous support actually between even across
the aisle, whether it’s Republican governors or Democratic
governors. They’ve all gone in, in a big way for offshore wind. I think in general
the local communities are very supportive. So there’s a lot of support
out there. Now we’ve seen maybe a speed bump, which creates a little bit of
uncertainty, but that’s following four or five years of very, very positive
development. And obviously this is way too big to fail. We’re looking at 70
billion dollars to be invested over the next 10 years. This is going to move
ahead, but uncertainty is never good, but it’s a natural thing when you’re
building a new industry like, like offshore wind.

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