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You know, this is already my second video
and I dont feel like I even introduced myself, hi, my name is wyatt, im a farmer… ok start
the video greetings fellow humans, welcome back to runescape,
today im going to give you my personal take on how to begin farming and what you should
be doing, in my last video I covered why I think everyone should be farming, but I know
farming can be a little intimidating at first, its a lot of just planting seeds and doing
something else until those seeds grow, but thats what makes it the perfect skill to do
in the background to your other adventures, and today im going to show you how to get
started, but first… like the video if you like the video because
it lets me know you liked the video, subscribe if you want more, and lets get started its important to note that you can skip the
early levels by doing quests, Doing the Goblin Generals of  Recipe for Disaster   Fairytale
I – Growing Pains  Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf Garden of Tranquillity  My
Arm’s Big Adventure  you will get to level 35 and will make the early portions of this
guide pointless, so im going to be assuming you’re not doing any quests and you’re starting
straight from level 1, and lets get into it so here I am at the allotment patch south
of falador, its where I started my journey all those months ago, and its where I recommend
starting out because it’s very close to a bank, I will also be flashing the locations
to all the allotment patches on screen now so you know where they are when you’re ready
to move on from just one allotment patch you’re going to want to bring about 100 of
each of potato, onion and tomato seeds, and 2 marigold seeds, the seeds shouldn’t be hard
to obtain as they’re all pretty cheap on the grand exchange, you’re going to want to plant
some potatoes in both of the allotment patches, then wait about 80 minutes for it to be done
and come back, your first successful harvest should take
you past level 2 which is important because it means you can plant your marigolds, so
do that and once its ready, make sure you never dig it up, its important for the early
levels because it will protect all three of the seed types that you brought, the extra
marigold seed is in case your first plant dies, if that one dies too, then just hang
up your hat in shame and move on to another profession because farming clearly hates you…
just kidding just go buy another one, now after you plant your marigold seed I would
actually recommend putting the potatoes you harvested into the compost box conveniently
located adjecent to every allotment patch in runescape, now what thats going to do for
you is its going to get you some compost, you just need to bring it either some buckets
or the bottomless compost bucket (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) and once you do, start putting it on your
allotment patch before each planting and it will bring up your harvests big time, and
a bigger harvest means more experience, however, keep your tomatoes, they’ll be important later
on so keep planting potatoes until you reach
level 5, then plant onions instead, once you reach level 12, do tomatoes until you reach
level 15, then we’re going to move on to the next part of this guide which is trees trees are very important because while yes
they do take a long time to grow, they are basically large xp dumps when they’re ready,
and like before I will be flashing all the tree patch locations on screen now, however
I will be showing you the best locations to do them and the ones I do personally when
I remember to do them so I would start out by buying a bunch of
oak saplings on the grand exchange, about 40 is a good number to start with, and a bunch
of the tomatoes you saved up, I told you they would be important, and while you’re at the
grand exchange I would also recommend buying some baskets for your tomatoes so you can
turn them into tomato baskets, which you can use to protect the saplings you just bought,
I strongly recommend protecting your trees and not putting compost on it, because trees
do take a long time and you want to make sure you’re being efficient when it comes to xp,
besides, you literally already have tomatoes the tree run I do, is I pack 5 oak saplings
and 5 baskets of tomatoes, I start at the grand exchange where I spend most of my time
if im not at the farming guild, and I use the spirit tree to the gnome stronghold and
run slighly down and to the left to get to the first tree patch, I plant my first tree
there, protect it and then I run back to the spirit tree and go
back to the grand exchange, then I go to the right to get to the varrock castle tree patch,
then I plant my second tree there, protect it and then I use the explorers ring to cabbage port
to falador, now you can and should substitute the explorers ring with the ring of wealth
and falador park teleport which takes you right beside the tree patch, I just use the
explorers ring because its free and I dont mind walking, then I run to the falador park
to plant my third tree there, protect it then I run up to the north of falador to the
gate to taverley, then through the gate and slightly down to the taverley tree patch,
plant my fourth tree there, protect it then I home teleport to lumbridge and run
to the left to the back of the castle and go through and behind the castle to the lumbridge
tree patch, plant my fifth seed there protect it and then I run back through lumbridge castle to
the courtyard, through the front of the castle to cross the bridge, then slightly above the
bridge to the canoe spot and canoe back to edgeville back to the grand exchange, note that you have to be at least level 42
in woodcutting to build a stable dugout which will take you to the edgeville area and then
you also have to be level 21 in agility in order to use the agility shortcut into the
grand exchange, and there is one more tree patch in the farming
guild I didn’t cover in this video, but I wouldn’t include it in a tree run anyways
for reasons I’ll go over in a future video and honestly, thats pretty much it, just keep
doing tree runs and allotment runs until you reach level 45 farming, after which you unlock
the farming guild, and then you get to decide if you want to take farming seriously enough
to start doing farming guild content. But that’s all im going to cover in this one,
im going to cover all the ins and outs of the farming guild in my next video because
there is a lot of ground to cover and I feel like it deserves a video of its own, but I
hope you enjoyed this one, remember to like the video if you like the video because it
lets me know you like the video, subscribe if you want more, and I will see you in the
farming guild, have a good one

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